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The Repro Rights joint that uses humor and outrage to fight back against abortion foes online and on the ground. Clinics and activists know, when you ask LPJL for help-  #WeShowUp


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We've accomplished so much with your help, but there's so much more to do!

Shit’s about to get real, y’all. Good news is, Lady Parts Justice League has a plan. You can help.

Look, 2018 is already a mess. The Trump/Pence administration is declaring open warfare on abortion providers, access to women’s healthcare, and Roe v. Wade. People who hate reproductive autonomy, women and fun are ramping up their crazy, violent rhetoric and ready to turn it into laws.

They have the backing and resources to spread their venom to front doors of clinics across the country and the free time and aggressive lack of empathy to actively harass staff, providers and patients. These are the goons who spread lies about birth control and abortion like it’s their job, confusing people who need medically accurate information. They work day and night to destroy access to abortion and birth control.

But enough about them… let’s talk about us.  Lady Parts Justice League is ready to fight back.  We’ve got people, we’ve got plans and, with your support, we can stand between abortion providers and these daily douchetastic assaults on reproductive rights. 

Your Money Supports LPJL’s Work in Three Ways

Boots on the Ground

LPJL is the only reproductive rights non profit that travels the country doing comedy and providing aid and comfort to clinics in hostile states. By day, we escort patients, prepare staff meals, repair fences or paint murals. By night, we do comedy shows. We gather audiences for an evening of fun and use the shows as an opportunity to meet their local providers, learn about their needs, with the goal of turning the audiences into a clinic support network that lasts long after we leave town. #WeShowUp

Rapid Response Media

Through our provocative videos and social media content, LPJ League is doing the job the media doesn’t; educating people about the pervasive, discriminatory abortion laws that disproportionately impact poor women and women of color. Our style of calling out sexist batshittery infiltrates pop culture because we wield a combination of hilarious comedy and tech prowess that make our hashtags trend and our videos break the internet. We also create awesome campaigns like #ExposeFakeClinics where people can take action online and on the streets! 

General Operating

The dangerous, anti-choice zealots work 24/7, and no other organization has a 24/7 system to combat it. By supporting our general operation, you help us sustain a home base that is secure, a website that has safeguards to keep it functioning, and so we can pay our dedicated team a living wage. If we want to keep people informed and engaged, we need full time folks working and strategizing against these anti-choice attacks in real time.