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The weird thing about Donald Trump is that, despite the fact that he and his trog-mob live in a bizarre shit-castle of lies, every once in awhile they accidentally expose a fundamental but buried truth.

Trump’s eruption like a pus-swollen pimple on the face of modern America has laid bare this often ignored truism–opposition to abortion rights isn’t about helping the “unborn,” or God knows, women. It’s about punishing women–for having sex without meaning to procreate, for having the brass to demand control over their own bodies, and for having a uterus in the first place.

In a new survey, 39 percent of self-identified Trump voters said that women should be punished for seeking abortions. They were just parroting the statement of Trump himself, who during the campaign said that women who seek an abortion should suffer “some form of punishment.” (Perhaps a stern pussy-grabbing would be in order!)

All of that flies in the face of the official dogma of anti-choice nutwaddery, which for propaganda purposes holds that only abortion providers should be punished. Women who want abortions are duped victims of those demonic doctors, not citizens exercising their rights.

Of course it’s balls-out hypocrisy to cry that abortion is murder and not to indict the person arranging and paying for the “crime.” (That goes double since anti-abortion crazies force women to such extraordinary efforts to gain access to abortion. These women are some truly motivated murder-for-hire conspirators!)

Despite his subsequent walk-back of his “punishment” statement, Trump undoubtedly truly does favor some sort of punishment for women–not because he has any sincere opposition to abortion, but simply because he hates women. And I’m sure the same is true of a good chunk of the 39 percent of Trumpists who want to punish those women seeking abortions.

Trump himself may be coated in a quarter inch of Cheetos dust, but ironically, he has exposed the true face of the anti-abortion movement.

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