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This is why we can’t have nice things—like proper reproductive care. Our country has turned into The U.S. of Anti abortion assholery, and EVERY DAY, these providers are forced into a kangaroo court defending their right to provide services. Thankfully there are people like the warrior caregivers at Whole Woman’s Health, who never back away from a fight against the theological thuggary that is behind this constant assault. Buried in the barrage of other news this week, is the fact that yet again, Whole Women’s Health has been in court fighting yet another set of barriers to accessing a safe abortion. If you haven’t heard how your reproductive rights are on the brink this week, read about the latest fight.


Tinfoil hat brigade wants to stop doctors from being forced to perform abortions. A new “Conscience Protection” bill would end another fake problem made up by the foremost authorities in making up a problem so they can “solve” it with legislation that harms people. Too weird to be true? Check it out in their own words here. Or get the view from the real world here.


The abortion pill: it’s just a pill! Canada found a way to treat a helpful medicine as—oh, I don’t know—helpful medicine. Here’s HuffPo on how the US could be almost as friggin’ sane.


Unsound! BFF of LPJL Dr. Willie Parker is in NORTH CAROLINA taking on their forced ultrasound troll-law, and spreading some know about how lack of access to abortion services can cause more maternal deaths. The more you read this, the more you know.


Nicole, Come Get Your Boy. Keith Urban’s try at a female empowerment anthem is just… well… ugh.

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