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Senate Republicans have just crammed a fistful of nasty stuffing into their turkey of a tax bill because… well because bad can always be made worse right? They would let any fetus, embryo, zygote, or fertilized egg be the beneficiary of college tax breaks—as a way of undermining Roe v Wade with “personhood” crap. Read their recipe here.


Hypocrisy much? While they were busy shoveling cash to billionaires, the fetus-hugging GOP Congress just let expire, a program to help new mothers.  And another rub? CPCs refer pregnant girls to this program while at tHE same time they vote for the POLITICIANS who are cutting IT.  Read & wretch!


Speaking of those lying CPCs, here’s an update from the Economist on the Supreme Court case over California’s law that makes CPCs tell patients the truth. Let’s see if our Founding Fathers wanted Puritan theocrats to have the freedom to lie to traumatized pregnant people.


Our military never leaves one of its own on the battlefield. In the gynecologist’s office …eh, not so much. This great piece from NPR shows how the military’s policies on abortion put soldiers at risk


Is Halloween over? Then why is the demonic ghost of the fucking phony “Planned Parenthood sold baby parts” scam still rising from the dead? Jeezus H. Fake Video, people! See how the anti-choice freaks are trying to summon up that foulness yet again.

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