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Kentucky, it’s time we learn you something real good: dilation and evacuation abortions are the safest second trimester procedure for pregnant people and you’re gonna get someone killed if you don’t read a dagum book! The state’s trying to ban dilation and evacuation abortions after 11 weeks… but they’re most commonly used in the second trimester (which is about ~13 weeks). But you know these fools didn’t try to learn about a uterus or bodies or science at all, that would get in the way of all their legislatin’!


First they came for the reproductive rights activists…. TeenVogue takes a look at the sick synergy between the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrants and on repro rights—and the activist who’s been detained as part of those assaults. This is a great piece that should serve as a reminder that the fight for reproductive rights must be intersectional!  


If you kinda feel like the anti-choice haters are just scribbling with crayons on the Constitution while judges debate bureaucratic nonsense, well this is the story for you! Massachusetts lost their challenge to Trump’s birth control rules (you know, where HR gets to peer in your uterus and pick a health insurance plan that doesn’t cover BC), because the judge was like “Eh, this is a liberal state, so you prob don’t even have to worry about it anyway.” This is a good reminder that there are no safe states!


It’s complicated—by the fact that anti-choice politicians are trying to harass clinics out of business. Now IDAHO wants to force providers to report—to the state—any complications from an abortion procedure, including anxiety and sleep loss. We just told you yesterday INDIANA did the same thing. There’s something wrong with the “I’s.” Illinois, don’t you dare make this a trend! 


Those that they can’t hound out of business, they try to defund. Puritan politicos in TENNESSEE passed a bill to prevent any funds from going to healthcare facilities that offer abortion. Sure, that denies thousands of Tennesseans access to cancer screenings and contraception, but that’s the price of purity. 


IOWA can’t control it’s Dix! State Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix—who said it was his top priority to defund Planned Parenthood and talked about protecting the “unborn” at an anti-choice event—resigned after video of him allegedly kissing a lobbyist leaked. So much for family values, you Dix.

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