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#EXPOSEFAKECLINICS is going to the Supreme Court! That’s right NIFLA v. Becerra, a major fake clinic case will go front of the justices MARCH 20TH and we want you to take notice! Learn more about these dangerous Fake Clinics and the SCOTUS Case here and about #EndTheLies here. And if it lights a fire in you join LPJL the bus to DC next week to rally at SCOTUS!


Because you can never un-abortion enuff! In NEBRASKA, they want to deny funding to health clinics that provide abortion—even though none of the money can go toward abortion services already. They can’t have pap smears, or STD’s if there’s any abortion going on! Quick reminder what an effing disaster cutting off clinics has been for Iowa healthcare.


Politicians in WEST VIRGINIA they want you to know they believe there is “no constitutional right to an abortion” in West Virginia, even if it is technically part of the United States. Here’s an update on the fight to amend the state’s constitution to deny the abortion rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. USA! (when convenient!) 


Having some complex feelings after an abortion? Maybe some cramping?  The state of INDIANA would LOVE to know all about it! A new proposed Indiana law would force your doctor to report to the state “complications” after every abortion procedure.. Yep- from blood clots to “anxiety.” This is nothing more than a tactic to shame and scare patients, a truly terrible combination. Plus, this shit has to violate HIPAA, right?  


There’s literally no silver lining to Mississippi’s dangerous, unconstitutional, and cruel 15-week abortion ban. We hope it rots in courts for years and never gets implemented. And that it serves as a great reminder of exactly who these Mississippi lawmakers are! In fact, Quartz argues that the ban represents a real moment for Mississippi women to decide who should represent them in the Senate come November. Well, dang, we like these new bold, optimistic Democrats! Mississippi, Goddamn.

Remember how after Trump was elected uterus-havers everywhere shouted “PUT THAT IUD INSIDE ME THIS INSTANT” at record rates? Well, Cosmopolitan argues it’s part of a larger trend to delete those “8pm remember to take the pill” alarms from your phone in favor of different methods. Read this fascinating piece, but just remember not all forms of BC are created equal **cough cough** the rhythm method fails all the time **cough cough**!

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