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The INDIANA Purity Patrol will deny you healthcare, just because it wants to! Indiana’s Dept. of Health has just denied a license for Whole Woman’s Health to open a clinic in South Bend—because they weren’t “of reputable and responsible character”!!! (WTF? x 1,000) Yeah, that same Whole Woman’s Health run by the AWESOME Amy Hagstrom Miller that prevailed in landmark 2016 Supreme Court decision reaffirming abortion rights WHO OWNS clinics in 5 states… or is that what’s really bothering Indiana?


OHIO’s quest to turn itself into the human rights equivalent of the Republic of Gilead is in full swing. A bill to mandate the burial or cremation of fetal remains (that is, medical waste) has passed a senate committee. These are the same fetalistic fascists who just passed a ban on abortion after a Down syndrome diagnosis. This once-normal state’s downfall is chronicled here.


FETUS FEST ’18 Announces Its Headliners! The March for Life, the annual hate-stomp to protest the human rights victory of Roe v Wade will feature the icy Night King himself, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan! Oh, and also featured is Democratic co-chair of the House Pro Life Caucus, Dan Lipinski of Illinois, so’s ya know, it’s also cis white dude palooza.


Time to play “Know Your Enemy!” They love portraying us as intolerant harpies set on ripping babies from any womb within reach of your harpy claws, per the National Review (and you’re right, guys—being “pro-choice” doesn’t mean supporting your choice to deny other people their choice. Duh.) And they like to portray clinics that provide abortion as demonic charnel houses, like the Federalist. Nasty—but you really need to know what they say about you.


Dream on! The shit-storm over Trump’s DHS trying to deny abortion rights to immigrants (still happening!) shows that repro rights are intertwined with all human rights. Planned Parenthood is taking a stand for DACA, and LPJL is proud to support DACA and the Dreamers too. Nobody’s rights are safe unless everybody’s rights are safe!

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January 14, 2019

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