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Those people who are part of the “Occupy Uterus” movement want you to know they’ll never leave. As part of their ceaseless crusade to decide what you do with your reproductive organs, the House will be voting on a bogus and unnecessary abortion bill—and just in time for the Roe v Wade anniversary monster rally on January 19! Here are the details from the Hill.


Go Florida Go! Judge tells FLORIDA to find a cozy and secure place where they can shove their mandatory 24-hour abortion waiting period law. Unless of course they want to apply it to prostate exams and every other medical procedure that doesn’t have a waiting period (hint—ALL of them.)


TEXAS to immigrants: No rights for you! The Texas Attorney General says that whole “person” label is for fetuses, zygotes, and microscopic collection of cells, not for any living, breathing, pregnant immigrant who bought into that whole “Land of the Free” crap. Get the whole ugly story from Rewire


Appeals Court ruling clears the way for TENNESSEE to clear away residents’ abortion rights. Shit-canning reproductive autonomy in Tennessee just got a whole lot easier—and the Vag Patrol can’t wait to start! Read about it here—warning: it ain’t pretty. 


A class in “Crazy”? Sure, coming right up! Now nurses in CALIFORNIA can be given classes in abortion “reversal.” One potential snag—the whole idea is a load of steaming bat-shit. This Rewire piece confirms that there’s a little bit of crazy in every state. 


Straight from the Puritanical Horse’s Mouth Department: Here’s the Uterine Purity League’s take on why Canada should be blindly shoveling money at fringe hate groups like they were in Kentucky or Missouri or something. Blowhards without Borders! 

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January 14, 2019

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