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LPJL DAILY TAKEDOWN – December 4th, 2017

When anti-choicers were forced to get rid of the laws against abortion, contraception, and gay rights, they just found new ways of blocking those things with volunteer bigots and thugs. Newsweek explains why having abortion be legal isn’t the same as having abortion be available. Get woke: what you don’t know WILL kill you.


Ugly mobs—is there really any other kind? Anti-choice mob scenes are intentionally staged to frighten patients away from the care they need. This Rewire story about clinic protests in Charlotte shows how anti-choice agitators win by intimidating patients even if the counter-protest is bigger.


Anti-choice lunacy takes another swan dive into the septic tank of blood-soaked rhetoric. How many terms for “dismemberment” are there? Count them in this National Review gore-fest. We can’t remind you enough that this is the shit they make up to ban abortion.


And we can’t remind you enough why a ban on abortions after 20 weeks is so dangerous in terms of both healthcare and legal rights. Read the story of how one family’s struggle shows what happens when politicians try to colonize your uterus. Informed decisions? The state of KENTUCKY will make them for you!


Don’t let yourself get fact-over! This fact-fungible Federalist piece from a Heritage Foundation employee should give you a heads-up on the head games that anti-choice propagandists will be playing with recent studies about hormonal birth control, depression, and suicide. Informed choice means not leaving out important information just so you can push your agenda.

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