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Dirty Dancing for Planned Parenthood Week of Action!

February 8 - February 15

On February 11th, anti-choice extremists will be descending on Planned Parenthood locations all over the country to intimidate and shame people accessing basic fucking health care. Let’s fight back in the most awesome way possible with a Lady Parts Justice League Week of Action! Dirty Dancing for Planned Parenthood will culminate on Feb. 15th with watch parties (we’re having a big one at the Bell House in Brooklyn!) across the country celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Dirty Dancing, the best Patrick Swayze movie featuring an abortion EVER MADE.

In NYC? Lady Parts Justice League will also be at the Rally for Planned Parenthood in Washington Square Park this Saturday, Feb. 11th at 11am. Join us!

Here are three meaningful and fun ways to take action throughout the week of Feb. 8 – 15 no matter where you live. Commit to taking action here

  • Take that Dirty Dancing inspiration andcall your member of Congress and tell them that “nobody puts women in a corner.” Fill out the lil form below and we’ll connect you directly to the district office of your rep, where you can leave the following message:
    “Hi, my name is _________ and I’m a constituent living in zip code ________. I support access to abortion and the full range of reproductive health care, and I expect YOU to as well. Don’t defund Planned Parenthood. Nobody puts women in a corner. If you do, we’ll put YOU in a corner!” 

Enter your information right here. Once you do, you’ll get a call that will connect you to your rep where you can say the above script!

  • Then on Wednesday the 15th, invite some friends over to drink an “I carried a watermelon” + vodka and watch Dirty Dancing together. Laugh, cry, and then have a real conversation about abortion. We even made a lil discussion guide for you right here! If that gets you amped up, write one more postcard and make one more call to your rep before you call your Lyft home. We’re having a watch party in NYC that night and we hope that wherever you live, you’ll gather with your friends to watch & have a conversation about abortion access!

Show us how much fun you’re having with the hashtag #NobodyPutsWomenInACorner and #DirtyDancing4PP.



February 8
February 15

Werk Werk Werk Werkshops

If you need help developing your kickass idea to change the conversation around reproductive rights and aren’t sure where to start, we do and we’re ready to help!

Lady Parts Justice League will work with you and your friends to create fun and effective ways to combat it all. We want to share our comedy expertise and love of this work by giving you some new tools to continue your work in this space and cause a little (or a lot of) trouble in some new/creative ways. Email us to set up a werkshop in your area!