Watch LPJ League’s Tour of “Darbi’s Dream Clinic”

Lady Parts Justice League has spent February launching videos to highlight the problems with TRAP laws. Our final video in this series satirizes America’s favorite 11-inch, independent plastic woman in “Darbi’s Dream Clinic.”

Why Darbi? Well, let us tell ya…

In 2013, then Texas Senator Wendy Davis legendarily filibustered Texas TRAP laws for 13 hours. Those TRAP laws were later passed, but now they’re being challenged before the Supreme Court. On March 2nd, the Court will hear arguments in the Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt case, the most important abortion case in the past quarter century. Unfortunately, the lower court decision upheld the TRAP laws, so if the Scalia-less SCOTUS deadlocks 4-4, the outlook for clinics in Texas is still dire.

Wendy Davis’ fight against these laws had extremists destroying her private life, threatening her safety and publicly trying to shame her by referring to her as, “Abortion Barbie.”

In this video, LPJL decided to flip the script on that moniker by celebrating the idea of Abortion Barbie with our inspiring doll, “Darbi” who runs the best clinic in the world! One that is free of those burdensome and unnecessary TRAP laws that harm both clinics and patients!

We say, “Go, Darbi, Go!”

To learn more about the TRAP laws in this video, the case going before the Supreme Court, and how it affects YOU and your state, check out our TRAP laws page to learn more!

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Today is day three of ‘get the fucking word out’ week (otherwise known as United for Abortion Week of Action).  Talk to people you know about Hyde. WTF, talk to people you don’t know about Hyde.

Perhaps when you are at the gym changing after a heavy work out you could lean in to the lady next to you and ask if she knows that for FORTY YEARS the Hyde Amendment has prohibited any federal funding to go towards abortions. That includes people on Medicaid, people working for the government, people living in DC, people in war torn countries getting aid from us. (But NO worries though because we have ok’d federal monies to go towards abstinence only programs that have been proven not to work. I mean, that just makes so much sense, right?!)

Yeah, we know we are hammering Hyde home this week, but it’s been FORTY FUCKING YEARS. Time to get off the shit pot.

Today we join with All Above All and share our ‘Bold Vision’ for a future without the Hyde Amendment. For a quick history on Hyde please check out our video (and even if you know the history check out our vid anyway because you know, we’re cool). Get online and share you thoughts using the hashtag #BeBoldEndHyde.

Lies Actually


Today we introduce a new LPJL segment called, “Movie Moments” where we take a classic scene from a popular movie and reimagine it as a scene that comments on some aspect of the state of abortion rights.

We launched with a special holiday edition on Boing Boing to help us get more eyeballs on the video and the story behind it.

Look for more to come!

Behold, Lies Actually.