LPJL Works to #ExposeFakeClinics in NYC!

Testimony of Anna Bean, Outreach Coordinator, Lady Parts Justice League before the New York City Council Committee on Consumer Affairs regarding Enforcement of Local Law 17 of 2011 and the Regulation of Pregnancy Service Centers – November 15, 2017

Thank you for the opportunity to provide testimony to the New York City Council’s Committee on Consumer Affairs in support of enforcing Local Law 17 of 2011 and requiring Pregnancy Service Centers to disclose that they are not medical facilities, preventing deception and expediting access to time sensitive health care services.  

Lady Parts Justice League is a nonprofit organization in Brooklyn founded by Lizz Winstead, co-creator of the Daily Show. Through comedy, the League works to destigmatize abortion, and in partnership with organizations like the National Institute for Reproductive Health, supports campaigns to expand access to the full range of reproductive health services and options, including abortion, for women and pregnant people in NYC and across the country.

In the summer of 2017, we launched #ExposeFakeClinics, a campaign in partnership with more than 40 reproductive rights organizations and abortion providers across the country. We say “fake clinics” rather than Pregnancy Resource Centers or Crisis Pregnancy Centers because these places, in their own words, exist to deceive vulnerable pregnant women into coming through their doors in order to deter or prevent them from choosing abortion. They deliberately look like medical providers, and then provide medically inaccurate information or no medical information at all.

Through our #ExposeFakeClinics campaign, we give people tools to closely examine the websites of fake clinics in every single state—there are more than 4,000 fake clinics nationally, compared with only 780 real clinics that provide abortion services—and then use reviewing sites like Yelp and Google Business to leave accurate reviews so that people seeking information about their reproductive health care options in their community know just what they’re walking into.

Of the 108 fake clinics in New York State that we have reviewed, and those are only the ones we know about, several are in NYC. Few if any of those are complying with Local Law 17 of 2011 on their websites. Take, for example, Avail in Manhattan, which states on their website that they provide ultrasounds and “laboratory-quality hCG urine pregnancy tests” (the equivalent of any drugstore pregnancy test). Front and center on their website, they state:

We offer holistic care and practical resources, so that you can face the future with confidence and hope. Each year, tens of thousands of women in New York City face unexpected pregnancies. Avail exists to provide you with the services, space, and support you need to make a decision about an unexpected pregnancy-all in a confidential and professional environment.”

This sounds like you’re going to receive comprehensive counseling options at a medical clinic, does it not? Nowhere on their site does this fake clinic state, “This facility does not have a licensed medical provider on-site to provide or supervise all services”— in English or in Spanish.

Same goes for Pregnancy Resource Services on Staten Island. Their site states:

“At our center, we won’t judge you or tell you what to do. We’re here to provide you with a FREE lab quality pregnancy test and medically accurate information.  And, if your pregnancy test is positive, our trained staff will go over all of your options so that you can make an informed decision.”

And Pregnancy Help NYC on 14th Street, which claims:

“Our options counseling gives you the opportunity to sit down with a trained peer-counselor to consider your pregnancy options and get the information you need. You will receive clear and thoughtful education about pregnancy, abortion, parenting, and adoption. We want to help you move towards an informed decision with clarity and strength.”

Imagine facing an unplanned pregnancy, searching on Google for resources in your community to learn about all of your options, and coming upon that website. Sounds like a community health clinic, right? But once inside, vulnerable pregnant people give their personal information to unregulated individuals that are not legally required to keep pregnant people’s information private. Instead, as I know you’ve heard from all of the advocates who have been watching these facilities for a long time, they are lied to, shamed, and manipulated. It’s why this law was passed in the first place.

It’s time to get tough on this deception. We recommend the creation of a navigable and effective complaint mechanism, training for DCA Inspectors, and transparent enforcement procedures. Local Law 17 of 2011 must be enforced, or the deception will continue to disrupt the lives of New Yorkers.



September 21, 2017

It turns out that some of the people behind those phony “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”—the scamsters that trick women into thinking they’re abortion providers in order to badger, berate, shame, and deceive them out of choosing an abortion alternative—have also been lying to and swindling the state of Pennsylvania. Who would have thought? Maybe the state of Pennsylvania should have. They, like many states, throw money at these frauds.

“Real Alternatives,” has been on the receiving end of PA taxpayer dollars for the past 20 years, getting tens of millions of dollars through grants from the state Department of Human Services. But instead of just dispersing the money to subcontractors to lecture and lie, it looks like Real Alternatives has been taking a 3 percent kickback from those subcontractors that they use to promote their business—even outside of the state of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s Auditor General, Eugene DePasquale discovered the 3 percent scheme, which amounts to almost a million dollars over the years. But when he tried to investigate further, Real Alternatives sued, saying the information was private(!)—and the court blocked access to records of how the fee was being paid.  “We do 5,000 audits a year,” DePasquale told Salon, “and this is the first time I’ve been sued by anybody to say we didn’t have a right to do the audit.”

We at Lady Parts Justice League have been working to put an end to these kinds of scams with www.exposefakeclinics.com. Even the ones that don’t engage in outright theft still exist solely to spread lies and confusion. And of course, Real Alternatives excels at that.

As a 2015 investigation by Cosmopolitan showed, Real Alternatives routinely spews out debunked myths about abortion causing depression and even breast cancer—contrary to all actual research. But then lying is what they do. Nothing about this fiasco should be a surprise to anyone, including the anti-choice crusaders who fight to keep taxpayer money flowing to these frauds.

Liars gonna lie. And if they routinely lie to their client/victims, then they’ll lie to auditors, investigators, courts, or anyone else if they think it’s to their advantage. When the whole purpose of your organization is to deceive people into thinking that you’re something that you’re not and then lie to them about their situation, you can see how lies and deception become an ingrained part of who you are.

If you want to stop the lies, go to www.exposefakeclinics.com and see how you can help. And let elected representatives in your state know that you don’t want to see your tax dollars wasted on these frauds.

LPJL Daily Takedown – September 20th, 2017

I’ll Take My Tea With Sugar and My Medication Abortion Information Without Fear-Inducing Propaganda, thankyouverymuch 

Just the facts, please! If your opponents rely on lies and fear-mongering, your best weapon is truth. Check out this great rundown on what REALLY happens in an abortion. Spoiler alert—it’s nothing like the horror stories you’ve been fed.  


Give Us This Day Our Daily Discrimination and Forgive Only Those Who Believe in Abstinence 

You’re NOT fired! LPJL can’t believe we need a law for this, but here we go! Get a load of this new bill in CALIFORNIA would make it illegal for holy rollers to roll over your constitutional rights. The bill bans religious employers from firing employees because of their reproductive decisions—like using birth control. Finally, you don’t have to risk pregnancy just for that job at Hobby Lobby! 


Abortions Don’t Kill People, GUNS Kill People. And This Alabama Candidate Wants Militias to End Abortion 

Welcome to Hell, formerly known as ALABAMA. Meet Sam McGuire, candidate for Attorney General of Alabama. Read all about his plan to make it “hell on earth” for abortion providers by labelling abortion as homicide and using state militia to fight off any pesky feds who try to interfere. Hell on earth? It’s hell alright. Earth? Not so much.


Oklahoma Candidate Thinks You Should Straight Up Ignore Abortion Laws- Honesty is the Best..Way to Ignore Policy? 

Land of Ignore-ance. If Alabama wants a military showdown with reality, OKLAHOMA just plans to ignore it. Literally. This one is a jaw dropper. GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher says he will “disregard” any court rulings that protect abortion rights (or as he puts it, “murders preborn humans.”) Unfortunately, we don’t have the option of ignoring this douche nozzle.


Things That Don’t Lie: Hips and Numbers. Over 6,000 South Carolinians Sign Letters Supporting Planned Parenthood

Repro rights defenders are sticking it into the mail slot of SOUTH CAROLINA Governor Henry McMaster. The McMaster ordered that no state healthcare funds go to any organization (Cough! Planned Parenthood! Cough!) that provides abortion… because denying people birth control is such a great way to reduce abortion. As of now petitions signed by over 6,000 people have been shoved into Henry’s mail hole. 



#ExposeFakeClinics action item! Upvote Rashe’s review or call Pregnancy ‘Care’ Center of NY and write an honest review of your own! Let’s make sure that pregnant people in Staten Island are getting facts instead of religious propaganda! 

LPJL Daily Takedown – September 19th, 2017

Scary Healthcare 2: Featuring Bill Cassidy and Lindsay Graham

The reviews are in… and this Obamacare Repeal sequel is the WORST one yet for women (not to mention EVERYBODY!) These two stories go deep into how it would kill abortion care coverage—on its way to killing people by doing things like blocking millions from getting preventative care at Planned Parenthood. Be afraid! And then be energized! 


Dallas Parents Apparently Don’t Want Their Kids to Know About Abortion Or Sex Trafficking

Friday Night LOW-Lights: Actor Janine Turner, formerly of Friday Night Lights and now   Incoheranter on Fox News and other various rightwing podcasts, gave a group of Texas schoolchildren material railing against abortion and talking about sex-trafficking, all under the guise of a presentation about the Constitution and “patriotism.” Like everything from the lunatic anti-choice fringe, it was wrong—on multiple levels. 


The Handmaid’s Tale Sweeps the Emmys, Gathers Activists, and Pisses Off Anti-Choicers

Handmaid in America! Anti-Choice whiners are pissed about the big Emmy win by “The Handmaid’s Tale” and the fact that the series is often used to point out the real-life dystopia that evangelical nutcases are trying to foist on us. Hey assholes—if you keep coming up with nightmare scenarios, somebody is likely to turn it into riveting TV. 


The Anti-Choice Organization, 40 Days For Life, Kicks Off Its Tour of Shaming Women This Sunday!

It’s almost time for Intolerance Fest 2017! (Name not trademarked yet!) Or as participants prefer to call it, “40 Days for Life.” Starting September 27, it’s  40 days of ratcheted-up chanting, yelling, and harassment outside of clinics all over the country. We’ll keep you up to date with coverage of the intimidation AND the resistance. 


Red Rose Rescue, Hopes to Make Abortion Clinics Its New Playground For Harassing Women

A rose by this name… smells like shit. Anti-abortion extremists in VIRGINIA and MICHIGAN are going beyond sidewalk harassment to perform CLINIC INVASIONS they call “Red Rose Rescues.” Law enforcement calls it “trespass” and 10 perpetrators have been arrested. But those behind this are encouraging people to get arrested for the sake of disrupting the clinics. These freaks will literally stop at nothing. 


Just In! 2017’s Hottest Trends In Hating Women 

Patriarchy much? Here’s an effing infuriating rundown of all the ways that women are being run down in the new Trump World. From attacks on repro rights to sexual harassment, under this new regime, you’ve got a target on your uterus.


Undocumented People Who Need Abortions Should Never Need “Papers” This Isn’t the Westminster Dog Show, it’s Healthcare FFS  

Papers? PUH-LEEZE! Living under Trumpism is ten times as hard when you or your loved ones are undocumented—especially if you’re trying to access repro care or want to join the fight for your reproductive rights. It takes guts to demand control over your uterus when they’re threatening to send all of you away.


Google Hang Out and Get An Abortion, Just Leave the Dog Ears Filter Off

OK—one more time! Abortion is SAFE. Medical abortion is SAFE. Telemedicine is SAFE. All of them are MUCH SAFER than childbearing. The only thing that endangers you are the puritan fucks who are lying to you about abortion safety. 


The Devil Wears…Whatever the Fuck They Want To Their Abortion

The Devil Made Them Allow Me to Do It! Abortion access gets easier in Missouri—YES, MISSOURI!—thanks to… oh, I don’t know… maybe SATAN! Read how a lawsuit from the Satanic Temple is helping clinic in Missouri reopen!


A Dumpster firex over at the Federalist Did An Article About Comedy and Abortion and Didn’t Include Us and We Are PISSED.

What the fuck does a pro-abortion comedy activist cell need to do to get a little rightwing media hate in this shit-hole? The Federalist did a rant about pro-choice comedy and didn’t say anything about Lady Part Justice League? Hey Federalist, next time we’re railing about neo-fascist propaganda tools, we’re not gonna even MENTION you! 



“When interacting with the website, I saw that they offered an “online pregnancy test” (that’s not a thing) which was a survey of questions. Once I submitted it, it didn’t give me “results” other than to text/call the business for a free consultation which means providing them with my cell phone number.”

Read the rest of Amber’s review on Google and/or Facebook and UPVOTE (bonus points for upvoting on both platforms!). Pregnant people searching for ALL OF THEIR OPTIONS in Binghamton deserve to get the facts – not fake “tests” and “results.” With close to 4,000 CPCs in the United States, calling out these  fake clinics is going to take a LOT of teamwork. There’s no “i” in CVS – (a place that ACTUALLY has legit pregnancy tests – unlike this Crisis Pregnancy Center.) Let’s get upvoting and reviewing! 

LPJL Daily Takedown – September 14th, 2017

People Are Not Wedges. A Wedge is a Shoe or a Cheese Increment. Read How Abortion and Bodily Autonomy Are ACTUALLY the Lefty Glue!

Come together, right now—over bodily autonomy! Far from being a wedge issue, like abortion opponents like to say, here’s someone explaining how repro-rights concepts like bodily autonomy can UNITE the left! EveryBODY has a body—it’s right there in the word! Read this and go hug someBODY. 


All The Single Payers! All the Single Payers – Fuck the Hyde Up OH OH OH 

Can’t HYDE much longer! Bernie Sanders SINGLE PAYER healthplan covers the cost of abortions for EVERYONE—finally shit-canning the Hyde Amendment that bans federal money for abortion care. Now we need to MAKE IT HAPPEN. 


The Man Who Got Into Politics to Loosen Pesticide Regulations Visited the White House to Propose a Nationwide Abortion Ban

America is a fetal heartbeat away from a virtual ban on abortion! Top anti-choice slimers including former House Speaker and infamous pest exterminator Tom DeLay just met at the White House to push a bill that outlaws any abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected. That’s 6 weeks in—before you know you’re pregnant! DeLay is a former exterminator, and now he wants to exterminate abortion rights!


Getting Insurance Coverage For Abortion Care is Harder Than The D*cks Getting Discounted Viagra 

There’s no movement to block insurance for hard-dick pills, but opponents of repro-rights are making it VERY hard to get insurance for contraceptive and abortion care from private insurers. Those hard dicks have consequences, assholes! 



The Same Places That Lure Women Into Creepy Sonogram Vans Surprisingly Don’t Comply with State Law Requiring They Put Sign that Says They LIE TO PATIENTS 

Liars gonna lie! And if you pass laws making them tell the truth, they’re going to lie about doing it. New York City needs to get on the ass of the asshole Crisis Pregnancy Centers that flaunt city laws about lying to patients!


LPJL Daily Takedown – September 12th, 2017

Horrible Fall Trend Alert: Doctors and Women Being Charged With Murder For Abortion Care!

Framing Device! The State of OHIO is joining the growing list of states that want to set women and abortion providers up for a murder rap! It’s a fucking potential DEATH SENTENCE—not just for abortion rights, but literally for anyone who has an abortion or performs one. 


Did You Know About This Scary Thing To Worry About If You Miss Your Period?

If you’ve ever asked yourself WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME (and really, if you haven’t then there’s something wrong with you) then you need to read this piece about anxiety and self-acceptance and all the other stuff that just thinking about makes you worry there’s something wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with you. 


Why Are Women’s Issues Only Trendy When There’s Beautifully Lit Rape Scenes Involved?

Once you learn to accept your body, you have to stop other people from fucking with it! That first started with an ass-kicking 1970 book called Our Bodies, Ourselves and continues today with the The Handmaid’s Tale. Here’s a great look at where we’ve been and where we’re going.


You Think You’ve Read Every Angle on Hurricane Devastation, But Access to Abortion Is Also a Crisis for Many People. Amy Hegstrom Miller Stepped Up! 

The HER in Hurricane Relief! Nothing beats our own Amy Hagstrom Miller, founder and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health—not bullshit laws she fights all the way to the Supreme Court, and not even the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Read how Amy is getting free abortion care to Harvey’s victims. 


Even We Haven’t Seen This Billboard Sized Shaming Tactic of Abortion Providers

For Shame! Some self-righteous pricks in Colorado are putting up billboards trying to shame the SHERO clinic workers who provide abortion care for those who are victimized and harassed by the same fucks who put up these billboards! 



“I called and asked if they provide abortions and the woman on the phone said no. They also do NOT provide abortion referrals, meaning they will not even tell you where you can get one. Which is odd because their website says that “Our goal is to discuss the facts about abortion” and the woman on the phone told me that they would tell you the type of abortion you would need after they did the ultrasound to find out how far along you are.”

Read the rest of Molly’s review here, and don’t forget to UPVOTE! If you think that it’s creepy and wrong to blatantly lie to pregnant people, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, and #ExposeFakeClinics 

LPJL Daily Takedown – September 11th, 2017

Politicians Debate Whether We Should We Use the Fast or Slow Way to Cure Parkinson’s

The so-called “pro-life” dickweeds aren’t as pro when the life is actual human beings walking around for reals—especially when they have problems that a little fetal tissue research might help. Read how Congress wants to make zygotes rule. 


3,055,450 MO Women Rejoice as Missouri DOUBLES Number of Abortion Clinics From One To Two

THERE ARE NOW 2 WHOLE CLINICS in Mizzou!  After “Show Me State” shit-heads had shut down all but ONE clinic, now the clinic in Kansas City is reopening—and three more are coming, MIZZ! We guess it’s good news that there are 2 clinics! 




California’s Secretary of State Starting Process to Criminalize Abortion as First Degree Murder 

It’s gonna be MURDER out there! Really. If a bunch of fringe fucks with a petition get their way, abortion will be FIRST DEGREE MURDER in CALIFORNIA thanks to a ballot initiative. Here’s proof it can happen ANYWHERE!


The Ohio Supreme Court Will Decide This Month Whether to Flush Two Anti-Choice Floaters

Missouri good. California bad. If it seems upside down, it’s the same old shit in OHIO—bat-shit admitting privileges, TRAP law crap, and general fuckery.  Thanks for being consistent, Ohio, we’re bringing our phones into the bathroom to catch up on this one.


Do You Have 22 Seconds for the Worst Video on the Internet? 

Here’s the latest from the anti-choice ad Mad Men—turn progressives against repro rights by saying that abortion is killing liberals in the womb. Got that? If you really want to defend DACA, stop murdering babies! They Have officially run out of ways to sound unhinged. 


Harmony Women’s Care Center DOES NOT provide referrals to places where you can get an abortion if you want one, but they DO offer “pre-abortion surveys! (Whatever that means since they don’t provide abortion or information on where to get one #yikes) 

Read the rest of Molly’s review of this FAKE CLINIC in Providence and make sure to UPVOTE so people searching for care in Rhode Island get the truth! Bonus points for following in Molly’s badass shoes by calling and reviewing a CPC today! Visit https://exposefakeclinics.squarespace.com/callandreview/ for guidelines.