LPJL Daily Takedown – October 16th, 2017

SOOOO- The Anti-Choice Propaganda Machine Is Using Its Media Mega-Power To Complain That It’s Voice Is Being Silenced. Got it.

If freedom of speech means freedom even for the speech we hate, there’s plenty to hate as this Fox News vomit projects out of both sides of it proverbial mouth, defining the anti-choice screamers as both the overwhelming choice of a new generation AND an oppressed minority. These losers can’t even lie convincingly. 


“Spread Lies to Brand Women as Liars” is the Trump Golden Rule

While the Trump administration has been going after your rights, they’ve also been busy attacking your credibility. This great piece from Quartz explains how the Misogynist-in-Chief tries to portray women as liars on everything from being paid less to sexual assault. Seeing as how Trump is guilty of both, it’s not hard to see why.


One Female Senator May Be All that Stands Between Us and a Disastrous Healthcare Fiasco

Senator Susan Collins of Maine is one of only two female GOP senators—and she has been the firewall against the insanely anti-woman “healthcare” proposals to destroy Obamacare. Here’s a great Bustle piece about her fight against the 13 male (of course!) Senators who designed the Trumpcare monstrosity and who are still pushing to undermine healthcare. 


Racist Circus Seals Just Spent The Weekend In Steve Bannon’s colon, er, At the Values Voters Summit.

Ugh! Rewire does an amazing job of describing the nauseating circle-jerk of Trump and the Family Research Council, which has been designated a hate group. Check out how Trump stopped grabbing pussies long enough to lend a hand at their “Values Voter Summit.” 


Calling Bullshit on the Lying Words Used By Anti-Choice Pricks

A reader at the LA Times does a nice job of pointing out the “intellectually dishonest” (you may substitute “fucking bullshit”) terms used by anti-choice propagandists—specifically, the term “prenatal children.” There’s a reason that Target doesn’t have onesies for zygotes in their children’s department—they’re not children! 


The Real-Life Hell on Earth for Reproductive Access 

While we fight to protect our reproductive rights here in the states, we need to remember the women around the world who are fighting just to gain their rights. Check out this Reuters article about Lima, Peru—where sky-high teen pregnancy rates and zero abortion rights create the nightmare world that anti-choice assholes want to plunge America into. 


Inside the Twisted Opposite World of Abortion Rights Opponents

Here’s a glimpse into the bizarro world of the rightwing echo chamber where a story about a court striking down blatantly unconstitutional attempts to deny abortion access somehow becomes a court agreeing to “continue letting Planned Parenthood perform abortions.” You mean like the Supreme Court says the Constitution requires?

LPJL Daily Takedown – October 13th, 2017

NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED! An Update on the Brave Girl Being Held Hostage to Hatred of Women and Immigrants

MUCH love and respect to the teenage immigrant girl who has been denied abortion care after being detained at the border. We’ve been following her story. She met the requirements for an abortion in Texas (and that is HARD TO DO!) but Trump immigration goons are blocking her access. Here’s an update on her fight.


Must Read for anyone who needs reproductive care: How Trump’s Healthcare Shit Will Hit Your Fan 

If you’re wondering how Donald Trump’s troll-nasty fuckery with Obamacare is going to impact reproductive healthcare, the quick answer is “no way that’s good.” The more detailed answers are explored in this highly useful article from Bustle. And this, too, can be resisted!


Why Trump’s Attacks on Contraception Are Just as Stupid as They Are Mean

Of course the Destroyer-in-Chief has already rolled back the Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate—that is, allowed your employer to deny you coverage for birth control. The impact of THAT gut punch is laid out in this article from Slate. Hint: It will cost you a LOT more than just your rights. 


Contraception Haters Call the Facts “Scare Tactics,” Because They’re Afraid of Them!

Leave it to the National Review to add outright lies into the toxic mix of stupidity and hate that people who object to birth control brew up.  And they’re trying to poison the ACA and all of the progress it made in your reproductive health care. Help LPJL fight to make sure EVERYONE gets the healthcare they need!


Holy Rollers Say That Controlling YOUR Access to Contraception is Part of THEIR “Basic Conscience Rights” 

Here is a sickening look into the twisted mind set of those self-righteous fucks who find your desire to control your own uterus “morally objectionable.” And who argues that reducing access to contraception reduces the number of abortion?! Once again—Stupid + Mean. 

LPJL Daily Takedown – October 12th, 2017

Suit Up! Pennsylvania Joins a Growing List of States Suing Over Trump’s Contraceptive Craziness

We’ve been keeping you up to date on the Trump move to allow your boss to deny you contraception coverage if it offends their delicate sensibilities. Now the PENNSYLVANIA Attorney General is joining a growing list of officials and organizations who are suing over that nutty policy. At least three other states are also suing already. We need MORE! Read about it here and tell your state AG to fight this assault on autonomy!!  


Meat the Latest Twist in Attacking Repro Rights—Anti-Choice Vegans!

Here’s a thick meaty slice of Hell—a 75% male panel discussing why pregnant people are like breeding animals and vegans should be anti-choice. This Rewire piece is hilarious and frightening at the same time—just like so much of the anti-choice agenda. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one. If you don’t want a cheeseburger, order the salad. 


Twitter and Facebook Say that Blatant Lies in Political Ads Are Just Fine With Them!

Marsha Blackburn is cackling that Twitter’s caving in on allowing her LYING political ad to run is her “first Senate conservative victory.” The ad shows her crowing about stopping the sale of “baby body parts,” something that NEVER HAPPENED! And now, BTW, Facebook says, they’re just peachy with printing the same lie! You have to read this crap to believe it. 


Court to Pregnant Immigrant Teen: We’ve Decided You’re Having the Baby

Yesterday we told you the heartbreaking tale of the pregnant Guatemalan teen who is being held virtual HOSTAGE as she seeks an abortion while in a detention facility. Now a federal judge has thrown out her lawsuit seeking access to abortion care, forcing her to remain pregnant. This Vice article explains how this ties directly to Trump policies on immigration and sucking up to evangelicals. 


Trans Patients in Small Towns: No Longer Alone in the Middle of Nowhere!

This excellent piece from Public Radio in Peoria, ILLINOIS shows how Planned Parenthood is often the ONLY place that transgender people in small towns and rural areas can find health care for their needs. We want to also remind folks about the many indy abortion providers in rural areas have also expanded their services to provide amazing trans care such as Allentown (PA) Women’s Center, the Southwind clinics in OKC and Wichita, Choices in Memphis, or Emma Goldman Clinic in Iowa City—just to name a few! So support your local PP and your local Independent providers because they are giving the full range of reproductive care in many areas that have no one else! 


Doubling Down on Garbageness! Harvey Weinstein is Super-scum!

Scumbag Update! Harvey Weinstein is even worse than you already knew! Rightwing media was trying to tar Planned Parenthood by reporting that his Sleazehood gave them $100,000. We know they would give it back if he had—BUT it turns out he never coughed up the money after pledging it in the first place! In one sense, it’s nice to know that his sliminess is completely undiluted. 

LPJL Daily Takedown – October 11th, 2017

Holy Shit You Need To Know That Health and Human Services is Coming For Your Rights, RIGHT NOW

Trump’s holy-roller Department of Health and Human Services is redefining away your abortion rights RIGHT NOW! These two articles (1, 2) explain how the HHS ‘s draft of its new strategic plan is peppered with unscientific language about maintaining religious freedoms and dangerous medical quackery like, “life beginning at conception.” It’s all part of a deliberate plan to undermine medical care for anyone who may need an abortion, as well as other disturbing changes that erase the specific medical needs for people of color and of LGBT* folks. It is really vitally important that you READ BOTH—and TAKE ACTION BEFORE OCTOBER 27TH by giving public comment at DHHS RIGHT HERE


She’s Baaaaaaack: All Lies and No Twitter Make Marsha Blackburn a Dull Girl

We just got Blackburned! Twitter has reversed their ban on a political ad from repro rights enemy Rep. Marsha Blackburn where she boasted about stopping the sale of “baby body parts.” Twitter had said the claim was “inflammatory.” So now it’s not? No matter—it still NEVER HAPPENED! You need to check the facts in these articles. Sorry Twitter, but LIES are always inflammatory.


We’re Past Coercion, US Gov’t Straight Up Forcing 17 Year Old Girl to Take Pregnancy To Term

Bordering on insanity! Texas and U.S. officials are denying a 17-year-old girl from Central America who has been detained at the border access to abortion care. She’s currently 14 weeks pregnant, and payment for the procedure has been arranged by donors. But instead of the care she needs and wants, officials took her to a Crisis Pregnancy Center run by anti abortion zealots!!! Read about the here! 


TX Attorney General Upfront That He Doesn’t Want TX To Be A Place That Helps Women 

Incidentally, when women like the pregnant immigrant in one of the pieces above request necessary abortion care, the response from officials is that they don’t want to be a “sanctuary state,” as they’ve said in court cases involving this. I guess being known as a place that’s hostile to women is just another way of discouraging immigration.  


LPJL Daily Takedown – October 10th, 2017

Trump’s Bullshit Science Behind Taking Your Birth Control Away is Right on Par With Everything About His Presidency 

Phony science gets scientifically dismantled! You MUST check out this total SMACKDOWN of the cherry-picking, dirty-tricking, ass-licking LIES used by Donald Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services about birth control! It shows what happens when you pack an agency with theocratic zealots instead of, oh healthcare professionals. 


Anti-Choicers Cry “Censorship” When Twitter Blocks Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s Shitty and Factually Inaccurate Campaign Ad

Could it be that Twitter stepped up to fake news? Well stop the presses. Literally. Seems Twitter has banned an ad from abominatrix Rep. Marsha Blackburn because she claimed she stopped Planned Parenthood from the sale of baby body parts. Sorry Marsha, can’t stop what didn’t happen/ Planned Parenthood was never selling “baby parts.” #FakeNews Get the real story in this great New Yorker piece.  


Marsha Blackburn -Breitbart: Twitter Allows Abortion Ads, Blocks Pro-Life

Of course, the rightwing noise machine is responding to the Twitter ban with MORE LIES about Marsha Blackburn being “censored,” conveniently forgetting that the “selling baby parts” crap is a myth they helped perpetuate! Twitter simply said her claims were “an inflammatory statement,” when they should have said they were TOTALLY MADE-UP BULLSHIT. 


Freedom from That Old White Guy’s Religion Get a Win in Missouri

Giving the Devil his due! I will give this to the Satanic Temple, they are very crafty! Their lawsuit against Missouri’s hellish 3-day waiting period and mandatory counseling law is going to the Missouri Supreme Court! An appeals panel said it “raises real and substantial constitutional claims.” And rams someone else’s belief system down everyone’s throats! Don’t wait to check out this great story. 


Kentucky Politician Who Literally Calls Himself “Pope” Files Law To Completely Ban Abortion Cuz Yea, That Makes Sense

Ugh! Here’s a good look at the crazy contorted face of anti-abortion extremism. And he’s a Kentucky state legislator, of course! Not only that, Rep. Dan Johnson calls himself a “pope” and in his unofficial “Pope” capacity, brings his preachin’ to taverns in the Bluegrass state, peddling his plan to completely ban abortion in Kentucky. This valuable piece from Shareblue Media shines a light on similar nutjobs attacking repro rights at the state level—where it hits hardest. 


This Q&A Reveals What’s Inside The Delusional Red Rose Rescuers Brains 

What goes on in the heads of anti-choice extremists? Lies masquerading as truth, hate disguised as concern, and an obsession with forcing the rest of the world to think and behave just like them. From the screamers at the clinics to the schemers in the state houses, they’re a twisted bunch! 

LPJL Daily Takedown – October 9th, 2017

We Live in a Country Where Rapists Get Joint Custody of Their Victim’s Children 

THIS. IS. AMERICA. A judge in Michigan has granted joint custody of a woman’s 8-year-old child to the man who abducted and raped her when she was only 12 years old. Incredibly, seven states have absolutely no law against a rapist claiming parental rights, and 21 others require a conviction. And yet anti-choice laws are routinely passed in this country without so much as an exemption for rape or incest or even the health or life the mother. Read the horrific details here, but know that this is not an aberration.  


Oh Hello Captain Obvious, My Captain: Reducing Access to Birth Control Leads to MORE Abortions

File under “Duh!” It turns out that less access to contraceptives leads to more abortions. Trump’s move to let any employer deny their employees contraceptive coverage on their own “moral” whim will lead to more abortions—and of course they won’t allow coverage for that either. NBC News explains the numbers here. 


Just Like a Man in Bat Wings, This Shit Won’t Fly: Two States Sue Over Idiotic Rollback Of Birth Control Coverage

At least two states aren’t about to take that “moral” crap! Trump’s bullshit contraceptive ban is already being challenged in court by CALIFORNIA and MASSACHUSETTS. Read up on it here if you don’t want your employer making your birth control decisions, as your states’s Attorney general to join the fight! 


Clearly, Kentucky Didn’t TAKE Civics as it Proposes an unconstitutional  Law That Makes Providing Abortion A Felony

Drink up! A KENTUCKY lawmaker is introducing a bill to make performing an abortion a felony. Oh, and also, in Kentucky’s twisted anti-choice bizarre world, taking the morning-after pill to PREVENT PREGNANCY = you’re having an abortion = you’re  guilty of homicide. But do enjoy the world-famous bourbon! You need to read this! 


A Win in (a VERY conservative) Oklahoma Overturns Restrictions on the Abortion Pill

Here’s a glimmer of repro sanity from OKLAHOMA, of all places! Check out this article on how a judge there has overturned MORONIC  restrictions on medication abortion. This law has been bouncing around the courts since 2014 so today we celebrate knowing it’s not over ’til its over, which seems like never… 


LPJL Daily Takedown – October 6th, 2017

Rolling Back the Birth Control Mandate and reducing access to abortion is the perfect metaphor for this congressional clown posse

And here’s ANOTHER alternate path to repro rights hell—the threatened roll back of the BIRTH CONTROL MANDATE! That would allow your boss to dictate whether or not you get contraceptive coverage. Hell, as Erin Gloria Ryan explains for The Daily Beast, that means your boss can deny you birth control if he doesn’t like the idea of you having sex! Read it! 


Lindsey Graham is Putting on a Failing Political 20-Week Ban Show That We’re All Paying For 

And a big step toward bringing on that world of criminalized abortion is the 20-week abortion ban passed by the House and currently before the Senate… with 45 cosponsors! It needs 60 votes to pass, so best case it’s a monumental waste of time and money. Worst case—it’s HUGE step down the road to repro dystopia. Either way, you need to read this and this.


The Saga of the 20 Week Ban Has Many Republican Dicks in the Air and it Might FilliBUST in Their Faces.

That worst-case scenario of the 20-week abortion ban passing the Senate becomes an unavoidable reality if Misogynist-In-Chief Trump gets his way on eliminating the filibuster. Read here how the only thing standing between you and a theocracy is a fragile “gentleman’s agreement” on Senate rules. Just ONE MORE REASON we need more women making the rules.


Abortion Ban Co-Sponsor Tim Murphy Aborts His House Seat After His Mistress Exposes His Hypocrisy  

Order up! Justice is now being SERVED to REP. TIM MURPHY, the human snot loogy who urged his mistress to get an abortion while anti-choice diatribes. Congressman Slimebucket announced he was resigning… but not before voting for the 20-WEEK ABORTION BAN! But then the rules don’t apply to him, right? Read about it here!


More abortion fake science From “Mainstream Conservative Media”, Oh Wait, That’s Not a Thing Anymore.

How do lies go mainstream? Right through the so-called “mainstream media.” After years of trumpeting phony studies as real science in the blatant propaganda organs of the far-right, then more “respectable” rightwing outlets like the National Review start barfing up the same lies. Repetition doesn’t make something true! This is why we can’t have nice facts anymore! 


These Horrific Stories are What We Have To Look Forward to if Abortion is Criminalized

The possible nightmare world of the future is a grim reality in El Salvador, where abortion is a crime, and women are charged with murder over miscarriages. If you want to know why it’s vital to keep fighting, you MUST read the shocking and heartbreaking expose from Alice Driver. She takes you a world where women go to jail for having an abortion—a world that anti-choice forces want to bring to you. 

LPJL Daily Takedown – October 5th, 2017

If There’s A Hell, There A Special Place Reserved for For People Who Want to Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks, And Here Why

The threat of a nationwide BAN on abortion after 20 weeks is a real! You need to know WHY that’s so frightening and just WHO will get hurt. Most such abortions are due to problems found with the viability of the fetus in women who may have planned to keep the baby, or with women who are economically or otherwise vulnerable. Please check out these links! They explain the political threat, and more important, the articles in Self, Salon, and the Washington Post share stories of women who have NEEDED abortion care after 20 weeks. These are stories you need to know! 


BOY, BYE: Anti-Choice Rep Who Says The Only Woman Who Can Have An Abortion is His Mistress, is Leaving Town

BTW, that sick 20-week abortion ban is co-sponsored by the sleazebag in this story! Coincidence? More like ironic justice. If you haven’t heard the one about the anti-choice Congressman who urged his mistress to get an abortion, then you really MUST check out this NPR piece about that slimeball finally bowing out. Rep. Tim Murphy is OK with one exception to abortion bans—for himself. 


WWLouisGohmertD? He Would Use the Bible to Spout His Hatred For Women, That’s What

And Tim Murphy isn’t the only fake factwad who is cosponsoring the abortion ban bill. For a good look at the kind of nauseating bottom-feeders that form the vanguard of anti-choice extremism, check out this Right Wing Watch article about the latest rat-droppings from the truly repulsive Rep. Louie Gohmert. UGGH! Louis is the LAST thing you want in your uterus. 


If Ya Can’t Beat Em, Hack Em: The Scary Trend of Abortion Clinic Cyberattacks

Not OK Computer! It looks like when those anti-choice creeps are not out on sidewalks in front of clinics screaming at patients, they’re at home conducting cyberattacks on clinics from their miserable troll-dens. This great piece from Wired shows how insanely bad this problem is—and how it’s intentionally spurred on by anti-choice politicians! 


Three Cheers for Three Abortion Access Legal WINS in Florida!

Let’s end on a few rays of sunshine from the Sunshine State. This truly excellent op-ed from the Sun Sentinel details three key victories for repro rights in Florida–court blocks on Florida’s 24-hour waiting period and their ban on Planned Parenthood receiving any Medicaid funds, and an injunction against an insane law making it a crime to advise or assist a woman seeking an abortion! Really! Read it!