LPJL Daily Takedown – October 13th, 2017

NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED! An Update on the Brave Girl Being Held Hostage to Hatred of Women and Immigrants

MUCH love and respect to the teenage immigrant girl who has been denied abortion care after being detained at the border. We’ve been following her story. She met the requirements for an abortion in Texas (and that is HARD TO DO!) but Trump immigration goons are blocking her access. Here’s an update on her fight.


Must Read for anyone who needs reproductive care: How Trump’s Healthcare Shit Will Hit Your Fan 

If you’re wondering how Donald Trump’s troll-nasty fuckery with Obamacare is going to impact reproductive healthcare, the quick answer is “no way that’s good.” The more detailed answers are explored in this highly useful article from Bustle. And this, too, can be resisted!


Why Trump’s Attacks on Contraception Are Just as Stupid as They Are Mean

Of course the Destroyer-in-Chief has already rolled back the Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate—that is, allowed your employer to deny you coverage for birth control. The impact of THAT gut punch is laid out in this article from Slate. Hint: It will cost you a LOT more than just your rights. 


Contraception Haters Call the Facts “Scare Tactics,” Because They’re Afraid of Them!

Leave it to the National Review to add outright lies into the toxic mix of stupidity and hate that people who object to birth control brew up.  And they’re trying to poison the ACA and all of the progress it made in your reproductive health care. Help LPJL fight to make sure EVERYONE gets the healthcare they need!


Holy Rollers Say That Controlling YOUR Access to Contraception is Part of THEIR “Basic Conscience Rights” 

Here is a sickening look into the twisted mind set of those self-righteous fucks who find your desire to control your own uterus “morally objectionable.” And who argues that reducing access to contraception reduces the number of abortion?! Once again—Stupid + Mean. 

LPJL Daily Takedown – October 2nd, 2017

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Burn Book: Add Trent Franks to The List of The 20 Week Abortion-Ban Dickwads

Lying from the get-go: The “Pain-Capable Child Protection Act” includes a blatant lie right in the name! Yep this horrifying ban set to be voted on TOMORROW bans abortion after 20 weeks on the false claim that a fetus feels pain at 20 weeks of development. Here’s a look at co-sponsor, Rep. Trent “garbage juggler” Franks, who has a pedigree of lying that includes peddling the “legitimate rape” bullshit. 


Inserting Their Anti-Abortion Noses Where They Don’t Belong AGAIN: The Tax Reform Edition

Seeking SUCK-sess: Anti-choice knob-goblins FAILED to use the FAILED healthcare bill to defund Planned Parenthood, so now they’re going to use the tax reform bill to try it again. Rewarding billionaires and punishing poor women in the same bill is GOP synergy! Here’s a great roundup from The Mary Sue of that and other anti-choice fuckery.


The Real DC Heroes: Activists Prove There is No Racial Justice Without Reproductive Justice

The repressive dickwads just keep coming at us like a pain-in-the- ass-teroids game, so we have to keep COMING TOGETHER! LPJL joined this weekend’s March for Racial Justice and March for Black Women, which literally came together to demonstrate how causes from racial justice to women’s issues all overlap. Check out this ThinkProgress recap! We can multi-task too, motherfuckers! 


Ain’t Nobody Got Tom For That #TomPrice

Now ex-HHS Secretary Tom Price was a misogynist devoted taking a sledgehammer to reproductive rights. But the rightwing is full of them—and they don’t all have Price’s predilection for luxurious air travel. After reading this, you can be sure Price’s replacement will just same kind of asshole, but will be relegated to flying commercial. 


23 Reasons Why Irish Women Deserve a 4 Leafed Clover In Next Year’s Abortion Referendum

Enough of 8! This weekend thousands of Irish women marched to put an end to Amendment 8, which virtually outlaws ALL abortion in Ireland. It’s one of the most restrictive abortion laws on earth, but its medieval time may be up! Bustle explains why in this great article. 


Abortion and Prenatal Services Sitting in a Tree*, H-E-L-P-I-N-G!

*Delaware Planned Parenthood

Choice means choice! And anti-choice dipshits are having a cow over the fact that Planned Parenthood is offering expanded prenatal care. That doesn’t quite jive the anti’s “abortion industry” lies. It’s about Planning AND Parenthood, you shit-heels. 


Daily Takedown 6/27/17 – SCOTUS Anniversary!

Happy 1st Anniversary, Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt!


One year ago today, we led off our blog post with a big fat YAAASSS! for the brand new Supreme Court ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt that reaffirmed abortion rights for a new generation! Many thanks & MUCH LOVE to Amy Hagstrom Miller and the Center for Reproductive Rights for taking this fight to the courts for all of us. Because you rule, SCOTUS RULED FOR JUSTICE! !

The 5-3 Whole Woman’s Health ruling said that bogus Texas TRAP laws placed an “undue burden” on abortion providers and those seeking an abortion. The law being challenged in this case was Texas’s notorious HB2. Under the obviously bullcrap guise of protecting women’s health and safety, the law was 129 pages of regulations about the width of hallways in clinics or the type of air conditioning used. And it forced providers to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles–all regulatory red tape meant to make running a clinic impossible.  

For 43 years since Roe v Wade in 1973, anti-abortion nuts had chipped away at reproductive rights. One year ago today, the Supreme Court told them to quit chipping.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote that it was “beyond rational belief” that the Texas restrictions could protect women’s health. It was a ringing endorsement of reproductive freedom.

And lot of good has happened since. Two of the 22 Texas abortion clinics that were forced to close down in the aftermath of the TRAP laws have reopened. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s a step forward. In fact, since the ruling, new laws are being drafted to actually PROTECT abortion rights–133 bills in 33 states to be exact.   

But that said, the fight is often an uphill battle. The election results and the mini Scalia Trump appointed to the Supreme Court, have been emboldened the legislative shit-stirrers who fucked with abortion rights before. They are creating a slew of new TRAP laws that yet again have nothing to do with healthcare, and everything to do with closing down clinics. The Whole Woman’s Health ruling gave us a legal precedent to challenge these onerous abortion restrictions, but that doesn’t seem to stop the crazy fucknuts from churning them out.

Since January alone, Oklahoma legislators attempted to make abortion first degree murder. Arkansas passed legislation requiring that fetal tissue from abortions performed on minors be preserved for possible police investigations! Even Creepier? Laws requiring that aborted tissue be given burial or cremation have popped up in Texas, Louisiana, and Indiana. And the safest and most common method of performing a 2nd trimester abortion has been banned in Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi, and of course, Texas!

But the law most likely to end up back in front of the Supreme Court in the not so distant future is the ban on any abortion performed after 20 weeks as extremists continue to push non medical quackery that could sway a hostile court to determine the lives of women based on their junk science. This ban has reared its ugly head in numerous states including Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Ohio, and is the one pushed the hardest on the federal level. And if put before the Supreme Court could, it could undermine and overturn Roe V Wade.

And because no one knows who the fuck will be on the Supreme Court in 2018 and beyond, we should all be very concerned. The 5 justices who represent the majority in Whole Woman’s Health are still on the bench, but with the addition of Gorsuch the Terrible, (And any new Trump nominees) we could be facing a very grim fate for reproductive rights.

We have already seen some ominous signs from Trump and co. Trumpcare proposes to ban insurance coverage of abortion care and to defund Planned Parenthood. His Health and Human Services  department is now stocked with  ideologues who claim that abortion causes breast cancer, birth control is a hoax, and abstinence is the cure for everything.

So yeah, there are a lot of nasty fights ahead on both the state and national level.

But let’s not forget, one year ago today, we scored a great victory! So for the next 24 hours, let’s party like it’s 2016—forever the year of Whole Woman’s Health!

And then let’s WAKE UP TOMORROW and devote ourselves to beating back whatever new trap-crap the anti-abortion forces can throw at us. Let’s champion our courageous providers and the all people who need their services. Let this anniversary be a time to recommit our unwavering support for the full humanity and bodily autonomy of everyone. And then 2017 will be a year that we can celebrate too!

LPJL Daily Takedown – June 8th, 2017

What Happens If You Lose Your Insurance While You’re Pregnant?


EXPECTING TROUBLE: Here’s an EYE-OPENING article about what happens if you lose your health insurance while you’re pregnant! That is one VERY pre-existing condition! The answers aren’t all pretty, but they’re in this article. Even under Obamacare you face a lot of bureaucratic static getting from here to maternity. But the thought of being in that situation under TrumpCare is enough to make you have a cow! Take it as more motivation to FIGHT FOR PREGNANCY RIGHTS!


Win! Win!


Here’s a handy guide to winning on abortion from some sisters in the fight for reproductive justice. It’s all about acknowledging the contributions of Women of Color, their innovation, strategic insights, and general bad-assery! We can WIN IT if we’re ALL IN IT.



Wichita Eagle

That giant sucking sound you hear is the sound of reproductive rights going down the drain in the middle of the country—the sewage drain that Sam Brownback and Republican lawmakers have made from the once-great state of KANSAS. Brownback just signed Kansas’ new PAPERWORK TRAP LAW that forces abortion providers to cough up absurdly detailed paperwork including specified types of paper, ink, and even font size. Kansas just gave abortion rights a major PRINT JOB.

Film Society of Lincoln Center school mad annoyed ugh GIF



WOSU and ABC 6

OHIO is just a heartbeat away from considering YET ANOTHER anti-abortion bill so extreme that GOP Governor John Kasich vetoed a prior version and even Ohio Right to Life refused to back it because it’s clearly unconstitutional. The bill bans abortion any time after a fetal heartbeat is detected… usually about SIX WEEKS! A similar bill actually passed last time and was vetoed by Kasich. Who knows if he’ll have the heart to do it again?





Phony CLINICS KNOWN AS  CPC’s and other “Pro-Life” facilities that routinely lie to pregnant women may at least be held accountable in certain circumstances. The IOWA Supreme Court has ruled that parents can sue because doctors failed to warn them that their child had abnormalities that would have made them consider having an abortion had they known. This wasn’t a case of a CPC, and there’s no evidence it was done intentionally, but CPC’s lie and deceive expectant mothers routinely. This ruling might make them think twice.



Arkansas Times Interview with Lizz!

ON THE RAZORBACKS’ EDGE! Last night, Vagical Mystery Tour Comics brought down the house at Jackson, MI! The team is traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas today where we’ll bring aid and comfort to Little Rock Family Planning services, and in just two days (Saturday JUNE 10!!), The VAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR will be going HOG WILD at Vino’s in Little Rock, ARKANSAS! Check out this great local interview with LPJL’s own LIZZ WINSTEAD about the fun to come. If you’re within a stone’s throw of Little Rock this weekend, DON’T MISS THIS SHOW!