Boots on the Ground

OUR WORK: Lady Parts Justice League is the only organization focused on supporting abortion providers through direct action. We go to clinics under siege to provide whatever comfort and assistance we can —meals, parties, clinic improvement projects, escorting, legal observing and whispering gentle affirmations— always with some laughs.  

We know (because clinic staff and volunteers have told us) that they often feel alone on the front lines trying to keep abortion safe and legal. Our work is putting an end to that loneliness and replacing it with community to fight these abortion interventionist fuckwits like Mike Pence.

This means that clinics are going to be overwhelmed with even more ugly protests, and more oppressive laws and we need more boots on the ground to combat it all.  

This summer Lady Parts Justice League has a plan to bring in more troops to fight back. We need your help to do it, and we want you to join us on the road!

OUR PLAN: This summer Lady Parts Justice League is spending eight weeks on the road defending clinics that are under attack. Anti-abortion folks spend their summer vacations (with their poor kids in tow) harassing clinics and their clients.  This year, they’ll have company! We are going to those clinics too, but we plan on building  A WALL:  A wall of love and righteousness around these clinics. We meet anti ugliness with joy and laughter. We celebrate these heroic providers and staff members.  And we banish abortion shame and stigma.  As we travel, LPJL will be recruiting volunteers, collaborating with other progressive organizations, holding activist workshops, and putting on LPJL comedy shows… so YOU can be part of the “Summer of Lady Parts Justice”!  

OUR NEEDS:  We need some help to make this happen. Here’s what your donation will help us do:

Transportation:  We need to get our team and volunteers to these clinics.  Our dream is a LPJL Love Bus to make an impressive entrance!

Housing:  We travel on the cheap, but with lots of people that means lots of beds for lots of nights.

Equipment:  We need a sound system, portable stage and other AV stuff to really take the show on the road.

Love for the Clinics: We do tangible acts of service for clinics like bring them lunch, plant bushes for privacy, paint fences, take them out for drinks.

$25 gets one person to a clinic via bus.

$50 buys a gallon of paint and brushes for fence defence.

$100 houses four people for one night on the road.

$250 buys a thorny bush so anti-creeps can’t peek over privacy fences.

$500 lets us use our voices to raise hell, bring the laughs and shout our stories while on the road by providing a sound system for our stage.