Rapid Response Media

OUR WORK: We are so tired of abortion being a dirty word in our culture.  We all know that humor is a fantastic tool to help people engage with complex issues.  So that’s our jam. Lady Parts Justice League makes the funniest videos and content to explain exactly how reproductive rights are being attacked in states across the nation.  We cut through the intentional lies, misinformation and rhetorical fuckery the anti-choice asshats spread by centering the diverse experiences of vagina-owning people and pairing that with medically accurate facts.

And we’re really good at it!  Our Beyoncé parody “inFormation” lays out the dire state of abortion access in Louisiana and highlights how it disproportionately affects poor women and women of color. It was watched over 150,000 times in the first two weeks and was covered by The Root, Colorlines, and Refinery29 (just to name a few). Our media spreads FAR and WIDE reaching people who wouldn’t normally learn what’s at stake.  Sure as Donald Trump’s under-eye concealer will never blend, we know there will be an endless parade of sexist, racist, misogynistic bullshit to challenge in 2017. LPJL  reporting for duty!

OUR PLAN: Lady Parts Justice League is redoubling our focus on what’s happening on the state level. New laws are already being introduced across the nation to tear down abortion and birth control access. We’ve got to shout it from the rooftops and make sure progressive folks know how to fight back.  Because we mash entertainment with activism, we can get the conversation rolling in pop culture spaces. We’ve also got a series of videos in the works that dispel some of the ugliest lies about abortion and birth control.  The first one is gonna drop very soon!

OUR NEEDS:  To maximize LPJL’s ability to call-out the bullshit and raise some hell in 2017, we need some added media capacity and because we have so many great volunteers, every dollar will go a lot further!

Video Editing: We really need new video editing software and a video editing computer.

Cameras: It’s time to update our cameras and lenses.

Technical Help: Sometimes we have needs that staff and volunteers can’t handle. That means hiring experts!

$50 pays for travel expenses for shooting.

$100 helps feed our awesome volunteer talent.

$250 pays for one day of video editing.

$500 pays for a new camera lens.