Home Base aka “The Clubhouse”

OUR WORK: Lady Parts Justice League started in a small office hidden in Brooklyn, a space fondly known as “the super-secret feminist sleeper cell clubhouse.” It is part office, part production facility, all idea hive. The clubhouse is where LPJL creates everything. It’s where we write, shoot, and edit our videos. It’s where we plan our road trips and clinic outreach. And the weekend after the election, it also became a safe haven for dozens and dozens of hopeless people who were grieving, but ready to mobilize and looking for ways to help. The only reason that LPJL can be out on the road or make hilarious, impactful videos is because we have an office and a core staff to scheme, build, recruit, and connect. Our home base is the engine of this entire organization and we can’t execute our work without it. Your donation will help keep our engine running.

OUR PLAN: In the two short years LPJL has been doing this work, we have expanded our video program, expanded our clinic outreach, and expanded our production clubhouse. We need to keep this program going. 

More space:  The clubhouse is packed to capacity most days, but luckily we’ve been offered the incredible opportunity to double our office space in the same location.  No moving costs… but increased rent.

More paid bodies: We are blessed to have a fantastic and enthusiastic community of volunteers. But, as we grow, we need certain roles to be full-time so we can keep the momentum going.  In 2017, we need additional production and program staff.

More (and better) equipment: With more bodies, we need more computers, desks, and gear.  We seriously need better internet.  And in this political climate we’ve also got to start thinking about security needs.

OUR NEEDS: Make a monthly donation, and cover our needs all year long.

$50 a month pays for the coffee (aka OUR BLOOD).

$100 a month covers our heat and electric bill.

$250 a month pays for high speed internet, a lifetime of sanity.

$1000 a month helps pay LPJL’s full-time researcher, so we get the facts right when exposing these sexist laws.