LPJL Daily Takedown – July 21st, 2017

Did a Double Take So Hard My Neck Snapped, Plz Send Help

A JUDGE TO DREAD: How many rocks does he turn over to find these people? A Trump nominee to be a judge on the Sixth Circuit US Court of Appeals has compared abortion to slavery. Judge John K. Bush has written that “the two greatest tragedies in our country—slavery and abortion—relied on similar reasoning and activist justices at the U.S. Supreme Court, first in the Dred Scott decision, and later in Roe.” Well, at least he left the Holocaust out of it… Of course, slavery comparisons are right there on the list of “Shit You Just Don’t Say,” along with Holocaust references. But as we’ve seen, that doesn’t stop the politically potty-mouthed. Appeals Court Judge John K. Bush would be one the greatest tragedies in our country!


Maybe No One Has Told Politicians Where Babies Come From?

LACK OF ($ FOR) PLANNING: The House Appropriations Committee just approved a budget that totally guts funding for family planning for low income people. The Department of Health and Human Services loses $542 million, and the budget eliminates Title X, which 4 million women rely on each year. And SURPRISE, most of those are women of color. Not satisfied with that, the budget ax-men specifically targeted women and minorities by hacking away $6.4 million in funding for the Office of Women’s Health and $11.4 million for the Office of Minority Health. And once again FUCKING WRONG and FUCKING STUPID go hand-in-hand as the proposed cuts will end up costing much more down the line.


#ExposeFakeClinics Update

You’re Not The Doctor.

Thank you, Seattle for making it a little easier to expose fake clinics today!  CPC’s will now be required to post signage indicating they are in fact NOT healthcare facilities.

“I believe women who are pregnant deserve complete, accurate and timely information about their health care and options,” said board Chairman Rod Dembowski, a King County Council member. “These centers are unregulated and are often staffed by volunteers and employees who lack medical training or licensure.”

Well said, ROD!

This will effect the 8 CPCs in the Seattle area- but there are THOUSANDS to go..so join us and let’s expose the rest!


Batsh*t A*sholes Are Heading to KY

BEEFING UP FOR THE MEATHEADS: Kentucky’s last standing abortion clinic is beefing up security for the onslaught of shrieking protesters expected during this week’s Holy-Roller Derby convention of anti-abortion looneys. At the clinic itself, the goon squad will have to keep a decent distance. A judge has ruled they have to stay away from a “buffer zone” that at least prevents them from blockading the clinic. As this is the last clinic in the state, patients in Kentucky face enough obstacles just getting there!  But wait, there’s more…


The Batsh*t A*shole are Bringing a F*cking JumbTron and Holysh*t They Are Such A*sholes

MUST NOT SEE TV: WOW just WOW…They’re bringing a JumboTron to Louisville to show big-screen videos of abortions. Really. As we’ve said before, images of any surgical procedure, from heart surgery to colectomy, would be gruesome to watch. To force it onto passersby in public is truly sick. But these ghouls are happy to do it as part of their attack on reproductive rights. Their news release said “Nothing is as effective as the JumboTron video of an actual abortion shown in the public square.” O.M.G. Forgive us for not giving you specific showtimes—if you’re interested, please check local listings. If we want to see gratuitous blood and gore on a TV screen, we’ll watch Game of Thrones.


Wait, Why Do We Have to Sue TX Lawmakers To Get Basic Healthcare That Doesn’t Harm People??

MEANWHILE OVER IN TEXAS: The Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood are going to court to try and protect the constantly-assaulted reproductive rights of Texans! Texas Senate Bill 8 would ban the safest and most common method of providing abortion care after the first trimester. And the lead plaintiff is our friends at Whole Woman’s Health, whose sheroic pursuit of justice resulted in abortion rights being reaffirmed by the Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt The bitter irony is that the roadblocks to access that Texas is constantly putting up actually make 2nd trimester abortions MORE common. Bill just like SB 8 have been put on hold in Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma and Alabama as well. Let’s hear it for the legal angels who are constantly at the barricades protecting your rights everywhere in America!


Vagical Update

It’s been an amazing 8 weeks on the road visiting 15 cities, hundreds of supporters, and so many repro badasses ! Now we’re in Louisville for our last show because hundreds of anti choice crusaders are flocking to here terrorize the last clinic in Kentucky.

Our show at Headliners will be stellar as The Daily Show’s Gina Yashere is back with us and we are so excited to have musicians Holly Miranda, Ambrosia Parsley, and Jill Sobule rounding out the night!

We’re all excited to have a talk back with Dr. Willie Parker and some badass reproductive rights and justice activists to talk about the state of abortion access in Kentucky, and how you can join to fight back.

It’s what we do. Have fun, learn what’s at stake, find out what you can do, SIGN UP TO DO IT!

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 20th, 2017

Still wondering how to #ExposeFakeClinics? Bustle Gif-splains it for you!

TAKIN’ ON THE FAKES: A big shout out to Bustle for showing us a little love with a great story on our #ExposeFakeClinics Week of Action! If you haven’t heard then you haven’t been listening—NOW is the time to call out those fake “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that masquerade as real clinics to shame women and pregnant people out of making their own choices. Bustle talks to our own Lizz Winstead about giving the manager of one of these phony clinics located in Pittsburgh, the same treatment they give abortion providers every. When you protest a fake clinic you don’t risk inflaming an already tense situation like you can when you counter-protest a real clinic. And it shouldn’t be hard to find a protest a fake clinic—there are five times the number of these imposter clinics than their are of real clinics! Follow the links in story and learn how to get involved. 


Holy Sh*t We’re Basketball Fans Now!

SLAM DUNK! The WNBA’s Seattle Storm put on a full-court press for Planned Parenthood this Tuesday. Five dollars from every paid admission went to support Planned Parenthood, netting them over $41,000. This is the very first official partnership between a professional sports team and Planned Parenthood. Gee, maybe that’s because the ownership of the Seattle Storm is all-female—which is something else we need more of! More donations came from a raffle, an online auction, and contributions from Seattle-based app, Vermouth. Four Storm players took part in a PSA for PP, and the pre-game rally even featured a PP supporter who had an abortion that very day! And it included center Imani Boyette of the rival Chicago Sky. Let’’s make this a trend and expand to Indie clinics also!  Hey San Antonio Stars- how about supporting Whole Woman’s Health! When it comes to supporting reproductive health—we’re all on the same team.


#ExposeFakeClinics Update

It’s day 4 of the #ExposeFakeClinics Week of Action, and the site has had over 10,000 visits! Online and in-person actions are happening all over the country, and we’re thrilled to be one of the 40 reproductive rights orgs on the ground and calling CPCs out. Are YOU taking action? Share your stories on the Expose Fake Clinics Facebook Event Page, tag @calloutfakeclinics on Instagram, and make sure to use the hashtag #ExposeFakeClinics. We can’t wait to see how you’re fighting back!


Tex-asses Back At It- Now Trying to Jail Doctors

HYPOCRITICAL OAFS: This state ain’t big enough for OB-GYN’s! Texas, birthplace (and burying ground) of some of the vilest, most insidious anti-abortion scams, is at it again. Now a bill is being proposed that would revoke the licenses of physicians who perform virtually any abortion—never mind that ABORTION IS A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. This piece of nutbaggery from State Rep Valoree Swanson is extreme enough that it hasn’t made the agenda even in the Texas legislature’s current special session especially devoted to extremist nutbaggery. But this being Texas, somebody could always throw it on the grill. 


Stop (clap emoji) Comparing (clap emoji) The (Clap emoji) Holocaust (clap emoji) To (clap emoji) Abortion (clap emoji)

HOLOCAUST CONTAINMENT: Isn’t there a rule that you NEVER use a Holocaust comparison? It’s offensive AND ineffective—WRONG on so many levels. Which is why when a Holocaust reference does bubble to the surface of the sociopolitical sceptic tank, it usually comes from a “fetus fetishist.” Here’s just the latest to cause a furor—a new communications specialist for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner named Brittany Carl has compared abortion rights to Nazi atrocities. Carl wrote “Certainly nothing matches the atrocity of the Holocaust, but it’s undeniable that abortion is being used to rid the world of disabled and other ‘unwanted’ persons” and followed up with “Attempting to rid the world of people with Down syndrome simply because they are different constitutes the dangerous and morally reprehensible practice of eugenics not entirely unlike what was practiced in . . . Nazi Germany.” OK, Brittany—family planning is not genocide. And a look through Hitler’s kit bag of favorite tricks would undoubtedly turn up plenty of parallels with the operations of “pro-life” types who shame, vilify, and even murder to advance their agendas. But we don’t mention that. Because there’s another reason that Holocaust comparisons are avoided—they show the moral bankruptcy of the people making them. Thanks for making that clear! 


When repro right are under attack, what do we do? Bare minimum, give them a buffer zone.

SHARK WEEK: The single abortion oasis in Louisville Kentucky is in survival mode as the Summer of Justice invades their clinic this week and they are asking this hostile government to give both patients and providers some protection.  Louisville’s federal prosecutor has asked a judge to institute a buffer zone to give patients and caregivers at least a modicum of safety. A restraining order under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act would result in stiffer penalties for violating the buffer zone. In the meantime, LPJL is going to be in Louisville on July 22 to provide a buffer between the good people of Louisville and the approaching sharks! Be there!


Vagical Update

Vagic was in the air at last night’s packed show in Pittsburgh! Our hilarious comedians were joined by Jill Sobule who got the crowd singing and dancing-

Shout out to the badasses that joined Lizz Winstead for a talk back!

(Sue Frietsche, Senior Staff Attorney at the Women’s Law Project, Becca Susman, Co-Director of the Western PA Fund for Choice, Adrienne Jouver, Co-Director of the Western PA Fund for Choice, Libbi Cox, Allegheny Reproductive Health Center)

Despite PA’s own restrictive laws Pittsburgh serves patients from surrounding states that have limited access and long AF waiting periods. It was so amazing to hear about the supportive care being provided!

You have one last chance to get in on the fun this summer- come hang out in Louisville at Headliners Music Hall (Tickets here!) this Saturday!


The In-Human Coalition

The ugliest face of the anti-abortion movement isn’t necessarily the spittle-bedecked, beet-red face screaming outside the abortion clinic. Sometimes it’s the calm and composed face of the “reasonable” organization that fronts those fruitcakes… and fools respectable media outlets into giving them a platform.

In the twisted, distorted, funhouse mirror world of anti-choice nut-baggery, it’s a given that the more innocuous the name of an organization, the more sick and extreme it’s methods and aims are. After all, these are the people who wrap themselves in the “pro-life” moniker and then proceed to do everything possible to disrupt and demean the lives of others.

So it stands to reason that a group calling itself the warm and fuzzy-sounding “Human Coalition” would be quite possibly the most insidious and nasty bunch out there… at least until there’s an anti-abortion group called the Lollipop Snuggles.

But the Human Coalition website trumpets their true extremism right on their splash page, along with the mandatory ultrasound baby-shape and appeal for donations. They say “We have a vivid hope that abortion will become unthinkable and unavailable in our lifetime. Unite with us in our mission to end the worst holocaust in human history….”  

They claim right on the top of their website “Abortion isn’t a political issue – it’s a human rights Holocaust” and boast about their goal to “remove the stain of abortion from America”–inflammatory language designed to dehumanize and stigmatize anyone who would stand up for a person’s right to control her own destiny.

In the past year alone, the Human Coalition claims to have “reached” over 1.1 million people and “saved” some 6,250 “babies”. The Human Coalition is all about children, alright–in the same way that 19th century factories were all about children. It’s all about ruthlessly exploiting kids to advance their own interests.

But the most insidious way The Human Coalition uses to advance their agenda of lies and misinformation would be to have it come out of the mouths of innocent children. So they set up a bunch of KIDS and asked them ON CAMERA a bunch of loaded questions about abortion like, “If you knew that parents were killing their babies would you save them if you could?” and “would you ever kill your baby?” Thanks for helping with the video, little Timmy–sleep tight!

This chilling and exploitative video is the Human Coalition’s most viewed project on YouTube. What’s even further telling is how this seems to be the only video they’ve disabled the comments on. We wouldn’t want anyone pointing out how disturbingly anti-human this behavior is.

Any slimeball with a camera and a lack of basic empathy can post videos like that to YouTube. What’s shocking is the amount of free column space these monsters are getting in the so-called mainstream media. When they’re not making exploitation flicks, the Human Coalition is spreading its unique brand of hatred in THE NEW YORK FUCKING TIMES!

Yep. Just last week LPJL devoted a whole another takedown to a journalistic train-wreck from Human Coalition national director Lori Szala–blatant abortion-shaming masquerading as socio-economic insight that the Times somehow deemed “fit to print.”

It wasn’t the first time the Times gave the Human Coalition a megaphone to lie into. Earlier this year they printed yet another shoddy op-ed from an HC apparatchik, this one critiquing feminism while lying about women’s attitudes toward abortion and defending Groper-in-Chief Donald Trump!

We live in a society where everyone’s voice can and should be heard. That doesn’t mean that every lying sack of shit needs to be given the imprimatur of the New York Times to spread their word-manure. Especially when the Times doesn’t mention the shadier activities of the sack of shit in question.
It’s bad enough that the Human Coalition exists, but what’s scarier is that it’s getting published on platforms that tend to legitimize their dangerous narratives. There are enough dark corners of the internet for vermin like like the Human Coalition to scurry around in.