LPJL Daily Takedown – July 11th, 2017

Sweden-ing the Deal Post Global Gag Insanity!

Our friends in SWEDEN are helping to loosen the Trump-imposed “Global Gag Rule” by putting their Kronor where their mouth is. They’re giving money for family planning and safe abortion to organizations that are telling Trump to stuff it! The Gag Rule is invoked by Republican presidents—it prohibits U.S. funding to international healthcare organizations that even mention abortion. Well, Sweden is sweeting the pot by making $20 million available to organizations that refuse to follow Trump’s Gag Rule, and they’ll turn down sexual health care funding to any organizations that go along with Trump. THANK YOU, SWEDEN! JAASSS DROTTNING! (That’s Swedish for YAASSS QUEEN! Or as close as Google translate will allow.)


Toledo Sidewalk Sickos Might Soon Lose Their Freedom Of Sp- Oops, Freedom of Harassment

(UN)HOLY TOLEDO! Toledo, Ohio may soon tell anti-abortion holy rollers they can’t roll over other people’s rights anymore. The city is considering making it a misdemeanor to impede access to a healthcare facility—including Toledo’s only abortion clinic. Of course, screeching threats and harassment is a favorite tactic of “family values” types. The Toledo clinic reports people being harassed in the parking lot and being afraid to leave their cars. The law would create a 20 foot buffer zone. Of course, that’s too much for the Troll Squad, who say it impedes their “freedom of speech.” Ohio has seen too many clinics be shut down to allow these trolls to impede access to those that are still here!


The “Cocaine Mom Law” is The Most Cheese-dick Bullshit Ever

MUST BE SOMETHING IN THE CHEESE… The state of WISCONSIN is punishing pregnant people with addiction issues—and endangering them and their pregnancies in the process. BECAUSE PRO-LIFE! Wisconsin’s “Cocaine Mom Law” lets the state jail pregnant moms with a “habitual lack of self-control” if they pose a “substantial risk” to “the physical health of the unborn child.” BRILLIANT! This criminalizes motherhood and makes poor people LESS likely to seek prenatal care. It also HUMANIZES A FETUS. The 1997 law is currently under appeal but it’s still being enforced. One pregnant woman was thrown into jail and threatened with Tasers. She wasn’t given access to a lawyer, but one was appointed for her fetus! It all gets back to the “pro-life” LIES that value the fetus above the person carrying the fetus. If you want to support motherhood—THEN SUPPORT MOTHERS!


If Greg Abbott Gets His Way, It’ll Be Anti-Choice Monkey See, Anti-Choice Monkey Do

DON’T MESS WITH US, TEXAS! Not content with turning the great state of TEXAS into a barren wasteland of reproductive rights, now Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants the state to serve as a model for others to follow it off the conservo-cliff. Texas is asking for a waiver on Medicare and Medicaid that would allow its family planning programs to exclude any organization that provides abortion—which totally takes the “family planning” part out of “family planning”! And Texas Anti-Abortion Advocates want other states to copy this crap. HEY, ABBOTT! How about you AB-BUTT OUT of our uteri!



Catch up with the gang on the home stretch of the Vagical Mystery Tour in this exclusive Facebook Live from the Northland Family Planning Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan!

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 10th, 2017

What’s Better than One Pro-Choice Techie? HUNDREDS OF THEM.  

ABORTION ACCESS? THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! Lots of them, in fact, thanks to Emily Loen and the techies behind Hackathon.com in California. This band of gender diverse hack-stars gather to build tools and apps for abortion seekers and providers. And it’s working —BIG TIME! In just its second year, Abortion Access Hack-a-thon has gone from 20 participants to over 200. The next hackathon is being planned for this summer in Austin, TX. The fight for abortion rights has to be smart, aggressive, and cutting edge—and Emily is all of that by using tech to expand access!


A New Missouri Anti-Choice Bill Wants To Eliminate Abortions and Increase Ambulance Sirens

911—MISSOURI, WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? The continuing saga of MISSOURI’s special legislative session to mess with abortion rights (Yes, that is really a thing!) continues to dredge up brand new schemes from the bottoms of the space where a decent human has a heart. The latest—making it a crime for an abortion clinic to request that an ambulance respond to a call from the clinic without sirens and lights. WTF? NOBODY—from a restaurant to a church wants flashing ambulance lights and sirens unless it’s necessary. And a clinic with patients undergoing treatment certainly wants to avoid alarming them. It’s completely up to ambulance personnel to decide what to do. So WHY SHOULD IT BE A CRIME FOR CLINIC TO JUST ASK for no lights and sirens? Especially when it’s not a crime for a burger joint or bar to make the same request?  

PICK ME! Pick me! Is it because it’s a law that is all about stigmatizing abortion? OF course it is! This Missouri special session is what needs an emergency response!


There Could Be Bumper-To-Bumper Resistance in California with New Pro-Choice License Plates!

IN WOMEN WE TRUST: CALIFORNIANS may soon have something good on their plates—special license plates in the state reading “CALIFORNIA TRUSTS WOMEN” would help to fund family-planning services for low-income people. The Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment Program provides family planning services to 1.8 million Californians every year—including funding for Planned Parenthood clinics. Anti-choice states are lousy with anti-abortion license plates that fund actual SCAMS like “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that try to limit the choices of people looking for family planning services. The bill is working its way through the CA legislature. They’ll need 7,500 pre-paid orders for the plates to be issued, so step up California!


A Gang of Anti-Choice Goons Praise Mike Pence for Ruining People’s Lives

DISCREDIT WHERE DISCREDIT IS DUE: Anti-choice nut-wads in INDIANA are heaping praise on their KING NUT-WAD, Mike Pence, “crediting” him with a drop in the abortion rate during his time as governor. OK, first off, all experts agree that declining abortion rates are mostly due to better family planning and contraceptive availability—both of which the PENCER opposes. Of course, he DID prevent a lot of people from exercising their reproductive rights, but he did that with a combination of TRAP laws targeting clinics and shoveling millions of dollars to bogus Crisis Pregnancy Centers—funded with “Choose Life” state license plates. Now this simpering silverback Pence is in a position to impose his puritan puke on women all over the country. Mike Pence: Shitty for Indiana, Shittier for America.


There are two words that best describe last night’s show in the Motor City — SOLD. OUT!

The Vagical Mystery Tour took over the Magic Bag and the laughs were ENDLESS!

What would a visit to Michigan be without the incredible LISA BROWN in attendance?!

If you didn’t know, Lisa is the SHERO responsible for the name “LADY PARTS JUSTICE LEAGUE.”

And Today, we’ve been hanging out all day with our friends at Northland Family Planning!

We delivered some Rosé & sweet treats for the end of their work day, which resulted in the best damn abortion clinic recovery room chat EVER.


LPJL Daily Takedown – July 7th, 2017

Hey, Anti-Abortion zealots- Thank you! I Just Added Medication Abortion to My Amazon Wish List!

REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: RECOMMENDED FOR YOU! Thanks to bat-shit conservative lawmakers, this country is full a vast “abortion deserts” where people who need access to abortion are hopelessly TRAPped. Women have to drive hundreds of miles for medical care (if they can afford it), or they could have abortion services show up on their doorstep in a smiley face box. That’s right! Abortion-rights activists are working to have abortion-pill access expanded—eventually being available on Amazon… free delivery with Amazon Prime! Here are the pertinent facts: medication abortions are incredibly safe and effective, and close to 90 percent of the counties in America don’t have an abortion clinic. Imagine being able to bypass the screaming nut-jobs outside the abortion clinics! Home abortions may well be the wave of the future—and we have anti-choice shit-heels to thank for it. Be careful what you shriek for!


This Fucked Up Arkansas Bill Says: “Your Body, Everybody’s Choice”


Under a new rule in Arkansas, fetal tissue left over after an abortion would be considered the body of a “deceased” family member. Under existing Arkansas law, that means that family members related to the “deceased” have a say in what happens with the “body.” In the case of fetal tissues, that “family member” could be your spouse… or your rapist. If you’re under 18, your parents have a say. It all means that women would essentially need permission for an abortion from their sexual partner, their family members, or the person who assaulted them. This is part of the steady march of laws designed to give fetuses and embryos “personhood” status—while stripping away the personhood of those who become pregnant. And this crappy law takes it a step further by making fetal tissue a deceased “person!” If this law isn’t struck down, your Constitutional rights will be more disposable than the medical waste remaining after an abortion procedure.


Gov. Greitens Isn’t Done PaTROLLing Your Uterus

MO PROBLEMS: Lawmakers in MISSOURI just won’t stop their ongoing orgy of attacks on abortion rights. Now MO. Gov. Cretins – Oops, Gov. Greitens, is calling for even more abortion restrictions from the special session of the legislature that he called specifically to assault reproductive rights. He’s proposing T.R.A.P. laws while saying they aren’t TRAP laws. And he’s claiming that they’re not trying to pre-empt a St. Louis city ordinance that prohibits discrimination… after GOP lawmakers specifically described the move as pre-empting that St. Louis ordinance! They have to deny what they’re doing because it’s clearly unconstitutional. But it’s easy to see what these creeps are saying even when they’re talking out of both sides of their mouths.


Lady Parts Justice League has An Evil Twin – And They Have A “Tour”  Too!

TRAGICAL MISERY TOUR: Wow! The Vagical Mystery Tour has a bizzaro-world equivalent, and it’s coming to a busy intersection near you! If you’re not into the ‘Vagical’ approach of world-class funny people raising hell, raising awareness, and KICKING ASS, then maybe you’ll enjoy the Pro-Life Action League’s entertainment extravaganza. It’s more centered on assaulting unsuspecting drivers with graphic images of aborted fetuses. OK, it’s not funny, but you can’t beat the thrill factor of the traffic-safety fiasco! Check out the Vagical Mystery Tour in Detroit on Sunday. And just do your best to avoid these other lunatics.



Doors opened for the Vagical Mystery Tour in Indianapolis at 7pm and by 7:05, people were already bursting the balls of the Hoosier state’s shady hometown anti-choice thug.

Thank you to the cool AF staff at Hi-Fi Indy for being so helpful in making the night an unforgettable one!

ALSO! The latest NewsBusters hit piece on the Vagical Mystery Tour is more of a shit-piece. In yet another attempt to make us sound like crazed harpies, they actually just end up telling everyone that there’s a BAD-ASS, DIVERSE, and IN YOUR FACE comedy show for anyone who likes laughter and powerful voices for reproductive right – which admittedly isn’t anybody reading NewsBusters. Our only complaint is that they accidentally expanded Lizz’s resume by saying she’s a writer for Trevor Noah’s Daily Show. But hey, it’s hard to keep your facts straight when you lie for a living. Come out and see what they were talking about—Sunday July 9th in Detroit!

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 6th, 2017

Elvia Diaz to Planned Parenthood – Giving In To Anti-Choice Bullshit Is Not A Choice

RIGHT IS RIGHT: And rights are rights. This great piece by Elvia Diaz in AZCentral is a great reminder that Planned Parenthood should NEVER back away from defending abortion rights… or providing abortions as one of the many essential healthcare benefits they offer women. And we can NEVER allow abortion providers to be defunded OR to be demonized into backing away from their commitment to serving the needs of the community. Abortion is a right in a civilized society, and we don’t make compromises with people’s rights. NO APOLOGIES! NO SURRENDER!


There Will Be No DUCKING Abortion Restrictions in Oregon!

OREGON TRAILBLAZING: YES, OREGON! When states all over the country are going medieval on abortion rights, Oregon is STEPPING UP! Oregon lawmakers just passed a “bill” (GO DUCKS!) that requires insurance companies to cover reproductive services INCLUDING ABORTIONS at NO COST regardless of income, citizenship status, or gender identity! YAAASSS! And this bill also provides $500,000 for reproductive care for immigrants who don’t otherwise qualify. PLUS mandatory coverage for vasectomies, prenatal and postpartum care, counseling for victims of domestic abuse, and screening for cancer and STDs! This is GREAT NEWS. Oregon proves that the trail to the future will be trod by webbed feet.


Massachusetts Defundamentalist Jim Lyons is Truly Living Up to His Last Name

DON’T MESS WITH MASS! A Massachusetts lawmaker is trying to put an end to that state’s public funding of abortion. The courts ruled in 1981 that the state constitution requires that, since the state provides funds for live births, it must also fund abortion services. Fuck. Yes. But GOP Rep Jim Lyons is trying to undo that by putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would begin the process of stripping those rights away. Massachusetts has some of the sanest abortion rights laws policies in America—but there’s a turd in the chowder-bowl, and its name is Rep. Jim Lyons. Don’t let this chowder-head turn MASS into MISS.

Add Stella Creasy to the Long List of Heroes Putting Up With Anti-Choice Cruelty

SHEROE: If there’s one constant around the globe, it’s that so-called “pro-life” activists love to issue death threats. Stella Creasy, a London Member of Parliament, has been bombarded with death threats since she was instrumental in getting the government to fund abortions for women from Northern Ireland who were forced to travel to England to get them. And the threats mention Jo Cox, another MP who was murdered by a far-right extremist last year. As we’ve sadly learned in the US from the murder of Dr. George Tiller, these threats are very real. The people who are standing up for our rights are doing it at a considerable risk—they deserve all the love and support we can give them, anywhere around the world. THANK YOU, STELLA CREASY!


Google is Putting An End to Anti-Choice Monsters’ Web of Lies

The anti-abortion trolls at Operation Rescue are crying that the sparse number of hits on their lying propaganda pages are the result of some kind of conspiracy by “liberal tech companies that are relentlessly pro-abortion.” OR maybe people are searching the internet for INFORMATION and not THEOCRATIC BULLSHIT. They actually say there’s a plot to stifle their voices “and then supplant that information with radical pro-abortion information from the Center for Disease Control or Alan Guttmacher.” Damn those lib-tards at the CDC! Hey Dipshits, you’ve constructed your own reality. Why don’t you just build a search engine for it?



HAYYY, INDY! The Vagical Mystery Tour has reconvened in the Hoosier state and tonight we laugh and learn about how to help protect and defend abortion access!

Alex English hosts: Buzz Off, Lucille, Joyelle Johnson, Lizz Winstead and Special Invited Maysoon Zayid!


LPJL Daily Takedown – July 5th, 2017

 The U.S. won’t denounce violence against women unless it bans abortion because freedom.

TRUMP’s WORLD OF HURT: The Trump administration has rejected a UN resolution on violence against women because it mentions abortion rights. The resolution denounces “the persistence and pervasiveness of all forms of violence against women and girls worldwide.” But if abortion rights are respected, well then the US is going to go with the violence against women and girls, thank you very much. This is in line with other shit the Trumpies have pulled internationally, like cutting off family planning funding around the world if there’s any mention of abortion. They’ve even yanked support for the UN Population Fund. All the world’s a stage—and Donald Trump is embarrassing us on that stage. 


Chicago Fake abortion clinics can are pissed that Their fake doctors have to tell the truth to patients.

SCAM-ALOT: ILLINOIS is the latest place where the anti-abortion scamsters behind those Crisis Pregnancy Centers are moaning about their rights to lie to pregnant people. CPC’s are the Puritan dungeons where people seeking abortion services are lied to and deceived by holy-rollers posing as doctors. Now they’re suing to stop an Illinois law that requires that pregnant patients be notified of all their options, including abortion. A lawyer for the CPC’s says “A pro-life physician cannot in good conscience do that.” Hey Jethro, here’s a clue—if you have to lie to your patients, maybe shouldn’t be doing this “physician” stuff. 

 annoyed grumpy grumpy cat GIF


Yo, Judge! Hurry it up on bodily autonomy please!

RUSH TO JUDGMENT… PLEASE! Or at least act before it’s too late, Judge! Attorneys for abortion providers in ARKANSAS are asking a judge to expedite their challenge to a pig-shit law designed to shut them down—before the law takes effect on July 30. The law is an Ozark spin on TRAP laws that uses absurdly strict rules about surprise inspections to try and shut down clinics. NO other type of healthcare facilities in the state are subject to anything like these rules. Infractions in the recent past include failure to remedy a torn cover on a piece of furniture, and failure to remove a stain on a ceiling tile. The judge needs to issue a sane ruling to stop these insane rules.


Eric Scheidler Wants You To See His Shitty Anti-Choice Google Image Search

GRUESOME IMAGE SEARCH: WTF is up with the anti-abortion ghouls and their obsession with using horrific photos to taint and traumatize? Shock-meister Eric Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League are hauling out a new batch of gore posters for a new action this summer. It’s manipulative and misleading. Medical procedures ain’t pretty to look at, people! If you made posters of heart bypass or colon reconstruction surgery, you could gross out people just as effectively. Hey Scheider, if you want pics of “victims,” use your iPhone to snap a couple selfies with the patients you routinely harass! 


Vagical Update!

Here at LPJL, we take our breaks in *style* so we spent our 4th of July long weekend with the badass LPJL Tennessee crew! Next stop: Indianapolis (Mike Pence’s old stomping grounds, so you KNOW it’s gonna be wild!) Check out this vagtastic piece in Nuvo. Tix & info: vagicalmysterytour.com



LPJL Daily Takedown – June 30th, 2017

Between Clinics and Uteruses, It’s No Surprise that Anti-Choice Uter-oadies Show Up Where They Aren’t Invited

What do oil spills, and anti-abortion lies have in common? Their aftermath is toxic and they tend to SPREAD. Abortion clinic stalkers have started branching out from harassing patients and providers, to harassing patients who are forced to travel at airports, and even getting nice sit-down tables at rock festivals where they can spread their lies as Bowling for Soup plays on the main stage. The Warped Tour is allowing the anti-choice shlockers, Rock for Life to table at festival shows (despite the opposition to their presence by many of the bands!) And in Ireland, home of some of the most medieval abortion policies on earth, anti-choice snakes plan to picket at airports just to harass people who are forced to travel to other countries for their human rights! These are the same people who show up to try and disrupt our Vagical Mystery Tour shows (see below). The antidote to this spreading contagion is TRUTH and LPJL plans to lay it on them!


SB 5 – “We Didn’t Mean That Shitty Thing, We Meant This OTHER Shitty Thing”

MISSOURI: NOW WITH 1% LESS CRAZY! The anti-choice politicians in Missouri are saying that people misinterpreted the whack-job laws they’re passing in a special legislative session devoted to anti-abortion whack-job laws. Specifically, they say their new laws won’t allow employers to fire people who use birth control. They’ll just allow landlords to evict them! Or anyone who offends their religious sensibilities by having an abortion or getting pregnant out of wedlock. Well they sure are assuring us that they’re not COMPLETELY unhinged… and they’re probably lying when they say that much!


Will Indiana AG Appeal A Teen’s Right to Keep Their Parent Out of Their Uterus?


It turns out they won’t say whether or not they plan to appeal a judge’s injunction against a law making it harder for minors to get an abortion – YET. But the general rule of thumb is that, if it makes people’s lives more difficult—especially women’s lives—then Indiana is going to do it. After All, this is the political house that Pence built. . Stay tuned, Hoosiers, and we’ll keep you posted.


David Daleiden: “What’s Does A Guy Gotta Do to Spread More Lies Around Here?!”

DALEIDEN SACK OF SHIT! Professional liar and video-doctor, David Daleiden is the monster who made the surgically enhanced undercover videos that anti-abortion looneys have been trumpeting for years now. Now this sad little broflake claims Planned Parenthood is “terrified” over other videos he has. But his record of deception has evidently convinced a judge to issue an order preventing him from spewing more falsehoods. He’ll have to be content with his prior awards for “Most Deceptive Editing.



The Vagical Mystery Tour invaded St. Louis, and St. Louis welcomed us with open arms and open mouths! Ya know, from ALL. OF. THE. LAUGHING.

Alex English hosted: Buzz Off, Lucille, Joyelle Johnson, Negin Farsad, Leah Bonnema, and Lizz Winstead! (who began her set with a very special tribute to Missouri’s own Mike Moon)

Thank you NARAL Missouri for coming out! Also, our new friends from the Hope Clinic for Women joined us for some pre-show and post-show tabling!

Speaking of Hope Clinic, The LPJL paid a visit to the clinic this afternoon bearing gifts! And by “gifts” we mean a “wine and tacos” Friday lunch followed by an HGTV-style Abortion Clinic Makeover!

LPJL Daily Takedown – June 29th, 2017

These 2 GOP Senators Aren’t being Heard On Planned Parenthood BECAUSE UTERUS

THE MALE-ORDER HEALTHCARE BILL: One of the biggest reasons that the GOP “health care” bill is a sack of shit is because EVERYONE who wrote it has a hairy sack of entitled balls. And of course, a cornerstone of this bill written entirely by the aforementioned sack-havers, defunds Planned Parenthood—which we know endangers reproductive health, abortion access, and will cause MORE unplanned pregnancies. If your goal is to reduce abortions, that’s oh…. FUCKING STUPID. Two of the GOP Senators who oppose the bill as it now stands are Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Susan Collins of Maine. Hopefully they will flex their brass ovaries and crush this testosterone-fest of a bill.


Indiana’s Neighborhood Watch Are Still Pushing for Parents’ John Hancock’s

MINOR THREAT: INDIANA legislating hasn’t gotten any less nasty since Mike Pence left. Now Indiana wants to take young people who are traumatized by an unwanted pregnancy and add a little more trauma to the mix by making it harder to get an abortion. Currently, those under 18 can ask a court to waive parental consent. A new law would require written consent, ID, and proof of the relationship between the pregnant minor and the parent or guardian to get that waiver. And it makes it a felony to tell a pregnant minor about legal abortion options in other states! Thankfully, a judge has put the law on hold… for now.


Get the (BAD!)vertising by CPCs Straight Outta San Fran!

DON’T JUST LIE THERE! A court just ruled that “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” in SAN FRANCISCO don’t have a constitutional right to lie to pregnant people! CPC’s are those phony clinics that fool people seeking an abortion into thinking they’re the real deal, and then badger them to change their mind. So being told they can’t lie pretty much undercuts the reason they exist! The CPC’s actually claimed it violated their rights to be told they couldn’t lie! But an appeals court just ruled it’s OK for SF to regulate “unprotected false or misleading commercial speech.” You would hope that being forced to stop lying will sink these suck-ass institutions, but SF CPC’s won’t take this lying down!



IRISH AYES: The pregnant people of Northern Ireland are finally free to use the National Health Service coverage they get as UK citizens to pay for abortion services… as long as they travel to England to get them. Northern Ireland bans abortion even in cases of rape, incest, and fetal abnormalities, allowing it only if the mother’s life is at risk. Those from Northern Ireland could travel to England for an abortion, but the NHS wouldn’t pay for it… until now. The British government just announced NHS will pay for abortion services for those making the journey. It ain’t perfect—but it’s a lot better than those backward countries where NO abortion services are covered under government-funded healthcare… and tons of people don’t even have health care! (Not naming names.)


Margot Cleveland: Forced Pregnancy is a ‘Nature’ thing.

UNNATURAL CHILDBIRTH: Professional shit-talkers on the right like to say that government restrictions on abortion don’t “force women to have babies.” They say: “NATURE forces women to have babies,” but what we HEAR is: “bullshit.” Nature forces people to have all kinds of things, from near-sightedness to tumors. And since we’re not the helpless cattle you seem to want us to be, we can take steps to change those circumstances—just like we can in the case of an unwanted pregnancy. That’s called SCIENCE—and we use it to understand nature. Besides, people talk about “nature’s way” when their biggest idea for preventing pregnancy is the utterly unnatural concept of abstinence! Try that with rabbits sometime.



The Vagical Mystery Tour is SOLD OUT tonight in St. Louis, MO at Blueberry Hill!


LPJL Daily Takedown – June 28th, 2017


SHITTY AND SHITTIER: The Senate’s “healthcare” bill is actually worse for birth control than the crap-fest House bill! Under Obamacare, health plans must cover contraceptive services without a co-pay. Both the House and Senate bills make birth control more expensive and inaccessible by defunding Planned Parenthood. But the Senate bill also allows states to decide if birth control is even covered! And you can guess what types of “birth control” will be covered in Missouri—abstinence and prayer! Good news & Bad news: The Senate bill is currently stalled—while lawmakers try to make it even worse!


The Frontiers of Anti-Choice Lawmakers are Getting Checked In Alaska

CHILL OUT, ALASKA! A lawsuit from Planned Parenthood has finally forced ALASKA to change the cold way it treats those seeking abortions after the first trimester. The state will no longer require a second doctor to get involved in abortions after 12 weeks. And it dropped the TRAPPY rule that blood and an operating room “appropriately staffed and equipped for major surgery” be ready for ANY abortion after the first trimester. Change may come at a glacial pace in Alaska, but at least the long night might be over!


Spokane Public Schools Might Have a Change of Heartlessness on Sex Ed.

THE FACTS OF STRIFE: Conservative Uter-orcs in Spokane, Washington are trying to shit-can a progressive sex ed curriculum because it was developed with input from Planned Parenthood, because it mentions sex, oh, and BECAUSE JESUS. And they’re not too happy that the curriculum includes LGBTQ issues. One said the new plan would mean that “teachers with religious convictions about male-female roles and differences” could be forced to stifle their bigotry (paraphrasing.) Washington is a great, progressive state, but there are still pockets of douchebaggery. What’s in your state’s pockets?


Ohio Tri-Masters of None Just Passed Yet Another Fucked Up Anti-choice Bill

COSTUME DRAMA in OHIO: It’s the HANDMAIDS vs. the MaNMAIDS! A bill to ban the safest and most common procedure used in abortions after the first trimester has been sent by an Ohio Senate committee to the full Senate… but not before the committee room hosted a RUNWAY CHALLENGE! Anti-choice forces (mostly male) occupied the front row, smartly decked out in fetus t-shirts, the traditional fashion choice of the intolerant. But the back of the room was lined with pro-choice fashionistas in the very latest VAG POWER accoutrements—HANDMAID’S TALE costumes! SASSY! The anti-choice forces got their bill passed, but pro-choice advocates definitely looked better.



YESTERDAY – First stop, deliver some lunch and some LOVE to Family Planning Associates in Chicago!


Ask anyone how last night’s show went in the Windy City last night and we will bet money they’d say they were BLOWN AWAY! Dina Nina Martinez did a kick-ass job hosting Joyelle Johnson, Leah Bonnema, Lizz Winstead, Alonzo Bodden & Recording Artist K’Valentine!

Lizz wrapped up last night’s show moderating a SPECTACULAR talkback with special guests Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Carrie Mathos, and Dr. Willie Parker!


The Press is falling in LOVE with the Vagical Mystery Tour. Check out what everyone’s saying about the hottest Resistance Comedy Tour in the country!

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