LPJL Daily Takedown – September 6th, 2017

Planned Parenthood wins Laskers Award Putting them on Their Way to L-EGOT

And the Award goes to… Planned Parenthood. The organization that anti-choice lunatics love to hate has gotten some real love—PP has won the 2017 Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award for their work in cancer prevention and treatment. And the award comes with an honorarium of $250,000, which comes in handy as anti-abortion zealots work to take money AWAY from the award winner! (The enemies of PP are in the news too—we told you yesterday how the fake video-makers who slandered them have just been fined by a federal judge.) Of course in addition to cancer screenings, PP offers abortion care despite constant harassment, which makes them a winner on all counts.


Whole Womans Crushin’ It Wednesday

Shelter from the storm: Wondering how to help out the victims of Harvey? Whole Woman’s Health is doing it big time. WWH is offering free abortion care at its four locations in Texas to women affected by the Hurricane Harvey. Getting an abortion was already a nightmare in Texas, thanks to anti-choice Texas legislators whose actions had closed half the clinics in the state. That forced women to travel vast distances for proper care, and that has become even harder after Harvey. So in addition to free care, WWH will cover both travel and housing costs for Harvey-affected women who need help getting to the organization’s clinics. They’re using their own Stigma Relief Fund, and resources from the Lilith Fund, which helps Texas women pay for abortions. We told you about Lilith in our Friday post about Harvey. Look there for other worthwhile organizations helping with abortion care in the aftermath of Harvey. Remember, none of the federal aid money for Texas can or will go to helping with women who need abortions. It has to come from people who care.


Kentucky Still Fighting for Last Clinic, TRAP Laws Still F*cking Unconstitutional

The continuing saga: it seems like it never ends in KENTUCKY, where abortion-rights supporters are fighting hard to make sure it DOESN’T end badly! Throngs of supporters of EMW Women’s Surgical Center, the LAST clinic in Kentucky, rallied yesterday at the courthouse where that clinic’s fate is being decided. Kentucky politicians are going after EMW with a TRAP-law that tries to shut down clinics by requiring unnecessary and difficult-to-arrange admitting privileges to a local hospital. Similar laws have been struck down elsewhere, so it’s important to keep fighting in Kentucky. Abortion opponents sure aren’t stopping.


Not The Kind of “Martha” Anti-Choicers Want

Shamers Gonna Shame. Once again, conservative media outlets are trying to shame and intimidate someone who is clearly not afraid to speak out on abortion rights. Fox and other rightwing echo chamber shits are vilifying actor Martha Plimpton for an appearance this June in Seattle at a #ShoutYOurAbortion rally where she said Seattle is where she had her first and “best” abortion. Hello! The event is called SHOUT YOUR ABORTION! Fox takes glee in calling the Emmy-winning actor “Goonies star Martha Plimpton.” Well, in addition to a career with multiple Emmy noms, Martha is an outspoken supporter of abortion rights, lobbying for Planned Parenthood and participating in rallies. THANK YOU for speaking out, Martha. Conservatives… well, you still have Scott Baio.



Stop Trying to Make “Their Campaign is Failing” Happen, It’s Not Gonna Happen!

FAIL FAKE. Nothing tells you that you’re succeeding more than having your opponents obsess over saying that you’re failing. So it seems our #ExposeFakeClinics campaign is definitely getting under the skin of the anti-choice dipshits. Article after article in the rightwing press screeches about how nobody is paying attention to the campaign. So why are THEY devoting so much attention to it? I guess the best way to defend FAKE “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that lie to women is with more lies. Meanwhile, over 100 people have written reviews or uploaded on the St. Paul CPC in the day since we featured it. Keep telling us how badly we’re doing—it lets us know we’re really having an impact.

LPJL Daily Takedown – September 5th, 2017

Anti-Choice Daleiden Has to Pay Up For His Lawbreaking Lies 

Just fine: David Daleiden, the turd behind the stolen and manipulated “undercover” videos about “baby parts” has been told by a judge to cough up $195,000 in fines and sanctions for continuing to spread lies. Daleiden released the videos through his criminal enterprise called the Center for Medical Progress (CMP.) Several years ago Daleiden and CPM set off a round of anti-Planned Parenthood hysteria when they illegally recorded and deceptively edited tapes making it look like attendees at a conference of abortion providers were discussing selling fetal tissue. A federal judge ordered Daleiden not to release any more tapes, but he violated the order. Now Daleiden, CMP, and his lawyers are jointly on the hook for $195,359 in fines, sanctions, and legal fees. It’s nothing compared to the cost of the damage they’ve caused, but it’s good to see some justice in this case. 


Nobody Puts Kentucky’s Last Remaining Abortion Clinic in a Corner, Except Kentucky 

It’s crunch time in KENTUCKY, which is trying to avoid becoming the first state without any abortion clinic at all. This Wednesday a legal showdown begins in a federal courtroom over the State of Kentucky trying to shut down EMW Women’s Surgical Center—Kentucky’s last abortion provider—over a law required clinics to have “admitting privileges” at a local hospital. It’s the type of law that’s designed to shut clinics down, and that the Supreme Court ruled was unconstitutional in a Supreme Court decision striking down a similar law in Texas. If the Kentucky law is overturned, it would clear the way for Planned Parenthood to open a second clinic—doubling the number in Kentucky! As the head of EMW said, your right to choice shouldn’t depend on your zip code!


Do We Need To Write a List of Why Making a List of Abortion Providers Puts Them in Danger?

Hit list: The State of SOUTH CAROLINA wants to make a list—and you can sure it will be checked twice by anti-choice lunatics, self-appointed enforcers of vigilante justice, and trouble-making kooks with an axe to grind. What kind of list? A SHITTY, UNCONSTITUTIONAL ONE. SC Gov. Henry McMaster has signed an executive order creating a public list of doctors and medical practices associated with abortion providers. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is telling the governor that list “would be an invitation for intimidation, threats, and even violence.” There are enough crazy people out there looking for trouble without the state of South Carolina providing them with a road map! 


And what happens when your STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL CANDIDATE promotes these dangerous lists? CUE ALABAMA 

And this case in ALABAMA shows what happens when information about abortion providers falls into dangerous hands. And these hands belong to a candidate for Alabama Attorney General! Candidate Sam McLure posted a picture of an abortion doctor on Facebook and said “This woman killed babies on Friday in Montgomery. Can anyone publicly defend why she should not be prosecuted for murder?” And he links to a site that gives the doctor’s address, photo, and other personal information. Some people are calling this a case of “doxing,” publishing private information. It’s also virtual invitation to violence—a tactic McLure seems to endorse. He publicly called for a “2nd Amendment militia” to “prevent a Federal officer from moving against a Pro-Life Alabama Governor who ended abortion in the State.” Alabama has seen before where this type of thing ends. And it doesn’t seem to ever end. There will never be justice for abortion doctors if the very people who are supposed to enforce the laws protecting them think that they should be tried for murder.  


It’s Not Complicated, ‘National Review,’ Forced Abortions Are Not a Thing 

Force & Farce. When they’re not busy posting “How-To” info packets on harassing abortion providers, anti-choice crazies are spinning lurid tales of “forced abortions.” The latest screed comes from the National Review. They’re not usually lumped in with “fringe” voices of conservatism, but now the fringe has become the mainstream in conservative thought–and that means that conservatives aren’t thinking anymore. Buh-buh, National Review credibility. It takes brass gonads of any gender to spout fantasy propaganda about women being coerced into abortions when your favorite tactics include shouting at and shaming women who are trying to get medical care, harassing them and their doctors, and using lies, threats, and intimidation to force your twisted values and false beliefs onto others.  These fairy tales have a purpose—anti-choice forces want to a new round of TRAP laws to force abortion providers to “screen for coercion.” That is, if the patients manage to get past the gauntlet of intimidation outside the clinic.



Arbia Pregnancy Resource’s billboard says that they are “Here For You,” but they’re ACTUALLY here to MISLEAD pregnant people and push their religious agenda. Start the week off by TAKING ACTION and upvoting Lizz’s accurate review and/or writing an accurate review of your own! Let’s make sure that pregnant people in St. Paul get the facts when they’re searching for ALL of their options.

LPJL Daily Takedown – September 1st, 2017

Abortion Access in The Aftermath of Harvey

How You Can Help

Hurricane Harvey and the Thousand Year Flood failed to do what the worst efforts of anti-choice Texas politicians have also failed to do—shut down the Houston Women’s Clinic. At least for more than a few days. After going dark on Saturday, the clinic was back up and taking care of patients as of Thursday August 31—running on generator power.

The challenges and difficulties ahead for the HWC and for women in the areas affected by Harvey are mind-boggling. If you want to help, below are some organizations to direct your support to via the suggestions of the HWC and a great article in Romper.

Texas is a hard place to access abortion care even under the best of weather conditions. As you know, it has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, and the conservative legislature is always busy piling more on.

Despite the Supreme Court’s overturning of many of the worst Texas abortion laws, over half the state’s clinics had already been closed.

TODAY, as so much of Texas is trying to survive Harvey, Lone star clinics start with new legal battles in Austin over a new law that would ban the safest and most common method of abortion performed after 12 weeks –  set to go into effect as you read this.  

These harsh laws combined with the harsh conditions brought on by Harvey wreak havoc on women trying to access abortion care in the Houston area in the wake of the storm. Transportation is difficult if not impossible in many areas. Those who can make it to a clinic have to make it there TWICE because of the 24 hour waiting period.

The HWC’s Kathy Kleinfeld told Romper that the storm has caused a delay that “really looks like it’s going to be about a week for most patients.” That can drastically increase costs for women, many of whom have limited resources. The cost of the necessary procedures goes from $550 to $850 at 12 weeks. And any women who passed the 20 week point are now going to have to go out of state, if they can.

Many of the organizations set up to help women overcome the obstacles put in their way by politicians are now helping them overcome the obstacles created by Harvey. Here are a few:

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) Provides financial resources for women to access abortion care. They’re arranging for additional support for those in the Houston area, especially for transportation.

Fund Texas Choice (FTC) Is a statewide practical support network that provides transportation and lodging to people who must travel to access abortion care.

The Clinic Access Support Network (CASN) Houston-area organization that provides practical support to people seeking abortion in the form of housing, transportation and other needs.

The Lilith Fund Has a special emergency fund for Harvey Survivors. They’re a   Texas abortion assistance fund whose service area covers the Southeast region of the state and who deal with over 6,000 callers per year.

The situation is extraordinary, but so is the resilience of the people in the reproductive care community of the Houston area. Any assistance you can give would be hugely appreciated. And thanks again to all the staffers and volunteers who have gotten the Houston Women Clinics and others back up and running.

LPJL Daily Takedown – August 31st, 2017

The Beaver State Protects It’s Greatest Natural Resource: The Beaver

Beaver State: As we said above and in prior posts, the poster state for abortion rights excellence is beautiful OREGON! And that means that all the uterus—occupying lunatics out there want to jump all over the Beaver State for its awesome pro-woman stand. Breitbart said “Oregon Governor Signs Bill Requiring Free Abortions for All.” There’s a difference between accessible and mandatory. Oregon’s Reproductive Health Equity Act actually says insurers must cover a variety of things, including screenings for sexually-transmitted infections, breast and cervical cancers, genetic cancer risk factors, counseling for tobacco use, STIs, breast cancer treatment and domestic violence, contraceptive care, and yes, abortion. These are things insurers are glad to include because they are mostly preventative and cost-cutting measures. In terms of sane healthcare policy, Beavers lead the way!


The Only Time Trump STFU Is When Removing Sexual Assault Report from Website

If Donald Trump boasts about what he’s up to, it’s bad. If he does it on the sly, it’s FUCKIN’ AWFUL. The Trump administration has suddenly and secretly removed a 2014 report on sexual violence from the White House website. WTF! and WhyTF? Alexandra Brodsky, the civil rights lawyer and researcher who first noticed the deletion said the “Rape And Sexual Assault: Renewed Call To Action” came down Wednesday. It’s a non-political survey about sexual violence and how to combat it through the criminal justice system and on college campuses. WHY would the Trump people choose to hide that research from public view? As Brodsky noted, “The report is titled ‘A Renewed Call To Action’ and taking it down is really a discouragement from action.” Sexual violence is appalling. This kind of 1984 shit is appalling AND creepy. 


People of Color Caught in the District 12 of the Hunger Games of Repro Rights: Texas  

In a bad state: these days, how much reproductive freedom you have solely depends on where you live. With the federal government gridlocked, abortion policy is being made in the states. Congress couldn’t repeal Obamacare (THANKFULLY!), but 11 states, Texas being the latest, have passed laws that prohibit private insurers from covering abortion (The notorious “Rape Insurance” laws). That tends to hurt people of color because there are larger minority populations in the southern states with harsh abortion restrictions. But after years of mostly restrictive state laws being passed, 2017 saw an almost equal number of laws expanding access to reproductive health care… even if that is partly a function of the fact that the federal government is now in the hands of anti-choice dickwads. At LPJL we keep an eye on abortion legislation in every state!


Fighting For a Buffer Zone: “Wax On, F*ck Off” Anti-Abortion Extremists 

Blocking the Anti-Choice Goon Squad: We told you yesterday about the proposed law in Toledo, OHIO, to stop anti-choice agitators from physically harassing patients and providers at Toledo’s only clinic. Last night, abortion rights defenders showed up at a Toledo City Council meeting to support the law protecting the clinic. It sets up a 20-foot buffer zone where anti-abortion thugs can’t obstruct access to a healthcare facility by “physically striking, shoving, restraining, grabbing, or otherwise subjecting the person to unwanted physical contact,” which is a tactic the goon squad evidently wants to keep in their toolkit. The Supreme Court has already ruled that buffer zones don’t violate free speech rights. If protesters at a political convention can be kept in a pen miles from a convention, then shrieking lunatics can give a 20-foot safety zone to clinic patients. 



Planned Parenthood Closes, Leaving a city in Pennsylvania with  ONLY a Fake Clinic 

FAKED OUT! Even journalists are fooled by fake clinics! (Or ARE they?) Check this shit out—emphasis on the “shit.” Here’s a straightforward story in PAhomepage.com, a mainstream media outlet, about the ONLY Planned Parenthood clinic in Stroudsburg, PENNSYLVANIA closing. (And one that didn’t even offer abortion care.) That’s bad enough—patients will have to drive up to 90 minutes for contraceptive services now. But lower in the article, they causally say “A few blocks away, Pregnancy Resource Center of the Poconos offers some services similar to Planned Parenthood, including free pregnancy tests and educations [sic] information.” Then they quote someone from that “clinic” saying “They can point you in the right direction for some of the services Planned Parenthood offers.” IT’S A FAKE CLINIC!!! Are these phony Crisis Pregnancy Centers so devious that they fooled the reporters? Or is someone in on the deception?! Either way, it’s WRONG! The folks at Eyewitness News WBREW/WYOU need to brush up on either their journalistic skills or their journalistic ethics. Don’t YOU be fooled—check out our #ExposeFakeClinics campaign. 

LPJL Daily Takedown – August 30th, 2017

TOO REAL. Fake Clinic Buys and Takes Over Real Maryland Abortion Clinic

FAKED UP! An abortion clinic in MARYLAND—one of the few that provide later term abortion care—has been purchased by an anti-choice group that’s going to turn it into a FAKE CLINIC! The Maryland Coalition for Life has bought Germantown Reproductive Health Services and plans to turn it into a fake “Crisis Pregnancy Center” like the one they already operate across the parking lot from the (currently) real clinic. The clinic’s doctor, Dr. LeRoy Carhart, is one of a handful of providers who provides abortion care in the later stages of pregnancy. He has vowed to reopen at a new location, but that won’t be easy. This shit shows not only how underhanded opponents of repro rights are, but how much resources they have at their disposal! Join our campaign to #ExposeFakeClinics before they swallow another real one! 

YOU can support Dr. Carhart RIGHT NOW by donating to this Generosity campaign


Church Fighting for Right to Fight You in the Streets

Unholy Toledo: The old yellers who harass women outside of the only abortion clinic in Toledo, OHIO, are trying to stop a law that would keep them from physically blocking the clinic entrance or grabbing patients. The law would establish a 20-foot buffer zone outside any health clinic. And it would make it a misdemeanor to “physically obstruct or block another person” at a clinic “by physically striking, shoving, restraining, grabbing, or otherwise subjecting the person to unwanted physical contact.” Isn’t it already a law you can’t grab people against their will? ?? WTF? Anti-choice groups say that violates their right to free speech, which evidently includes striking and shoving people—pretty standard rhetorical devices, right? There is no right to assault people who are seeking healthcare!


Texas wants Safety First-Never For Abortion Patients

You would think TEXAS had more pressing concerns right now! We’ve been following the ugly developments since the passage of the multiple unconstitutional abortion restrictions in Senate Bill 8, including a ban on the safest and most common method of second trimester abortion. The Center for Reproductive Rights is asking a federal judge in Austin to temporarily halt the law. The U.S. Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt said that abortion restrictions must show a benefit for women’s health. This law actually endangers women by forcing them to undergo procedures that involve more risk. The judge actually pointed out how much Texas messes with women, saying “There is a constant and never ending stream of these cases, no matter how this court rules.” That’s why we have to keep on trying to contain their mess. 


“Safe” States Don’t Exist- Planned Parenthood in NY Under Attack 

Attacks on women can occur anywhere. And attacks on women’s healthcare and welfare can happen in any state. The push to defund Planned Parenthood is endangering the Sexual Assault Resource Center of PP’s office in Corning in upstate NEW YORK. Members of the SARC met to urge their congressman, Rep. Tom Reed of New York’s 23rd District to not vote to defund Planned Parenthood and put the well-being of victims of sexual assault in his district at risk. A spokesman for Reed who attended the meeting said he supports their work counseling sexual assault victims, but opposes abortion funding. So does that mean he’s willing to yank funding for everything PP does?



Beautiful Dresses and Exposing Fake Clinics. We’re Here For It.

BRIDEZILLA vs THE FAKES! The horror story in Maryland of a FAKE Crisis Pregnancy Center swallowing up a real clinic (above) shows what can happen if people aren’t informed about the threat that these phony CPC’s are. So it’s great to read a KICK ASS piece in Brides magazine TAKING DOWN the fake clinics! Calling CPC’s “fronts for the anti-abortion agenda, using shame tactics and outright lies,” that are “tricking, harassing, and bullying women into carrying out a pregnancy that they may not want,” it’s obvious that these Brides aren’t about to run away! Support our #ExposeFakeClinics campaign, and forward this article. Makes a great wedding gift!


LPJL Daily Takedown – August 29th, 2017

When That Hotline Bling, That Can Only Mean One Thing: Abortion Funding

Who you gonna call when you can’t afford an abortion? Your best bet is the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF.) The network operates 70 funds in 30 states, with 1,840 staffers and volunteers, working mostly with independent clinics. Though they raised $1.7 million last year, NNAF is only able to provided funds to less than half of the up to 100,000 calls they get each year. Their help is desperately needed—the anti-choice crowd is working constantly to make abortion unaffordable. On the federal level, the Hyde Amendment bans Medicaid funding for abortion. And only 15 states allow state Medicaid dollars to pay for abortion care. 58 percent of women of child-bearing age live in the other states. And 75 percent of abortion patients are low income. Studies show that those who are denied an abortion are more likely to end up unemployed and under the poverty line. Check out this great Marie Claire piece about the people who make up the NNAF—and put the “affordable” in safe and affordable abortion care. And how can you help your LOCAL ABORTION FUND?

Take part in the Taco or Beer Challenge going on all month! #ToBC17


Reproductive Restriction Tourism, or, When a Man Sticks His Anti-choice Nose in Another Town’s Business

Mr. Palmer Goes to Washington—and totally fucks with the residents of D.C.! Congressman Gary Palmer is supposed to represent the people of Alabama’s 6th District, but he seems to spend most of his time screwing with the people of the District of Columbia. Palmer has repeatedly tried various ways to defeat or defund D.C.’s Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act (RHNDA), which makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against workers for things like being on birth control or getting an abortion. Rep. Palmer calls that kind of discrimination “religious freedom.” Congress has a lot of control over the people of the District—meaning that puritan yahoos like Palmer get to mess with a cosmopolitan and progressive city. And that’s more fun than a good cockfight! So far, D.C. has beaten back all attempts to stymie the RHNDA, but out-of-town yokels will keep gunning for it. 


Everything’s Bigger In Texas – Including Their Excuses For F*cking Over Women

Actually seems like bad weather and bad abortion legislation are the 2 things TEXANs are always fighting. Texas hasn’t had a lot of success defending its indefensible abortion restrictions in court—including the Supreme Court. But bless their souls, they keep trying. One of these days something might eventually stick, probably thanks to a Trump-appointed judge. Their latest trip to court is to put lipstick on the pig of a bill that bans the safest and most common method of second-trimester abortion. A U.S. district judge in Austin will decide if the ban can take effect. It was part of a flurry of restrictive and no doubt unconstitutional anti-abortion laws that the Texas legislature vomited up in a special session. If nothing else, they’ll keep Texas lawyers busy. 


Even in the Best State for Abortion Rights, Protesters STILL Come Out of the Woodwork

There are a few rotten apples even in the best bunch. And even OREGON, the best state there is for repro rights, gets its share of noisy loons. A couple of dozen of anti-choice protesters confronted Oregon Governor Kate Brown over the passage of the FUCKIN AWESOME Reproductive Health Equity Act. It requires that insurance cover abortion and birth control with no co-pay, and even provides for reproductive healthcare for those excluded from Medicaid due to citizenship status. If a few protesters want to sound a sour note, fine—all of the rest of the shouting over Oregon’s pro-woman law has been shouts of joy!


Antis Admit to Opening Their CPCs Next to Abortion Clinics – FINALLY

There goes the neighborhood—anti-choice pricks are finally admitting that they routinely open their fraudulent “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” next to real clinics in order to confuse, harass, and intimidate women seeking abortion care… what they call “saving babies.” The latest bad neighbor incursion is in Raleigh, North Carolina, but it’s a common tactic and a necessary one. There’s not much of a market for selling lies, so they have to do what they can to confuse their deceptions with the truth. We at LPJL will continue to unmask these phonies with our #ExposeFakeClinics campaign. See you around the neighborhood, FAKES! 



OHIO is one of the several states that dole out TANF money to CPCs. Why does the Ohio Government care more about Fake Clinics than Welfare recipients? And why does A Caring Place Pregnancy Help Center Inc care more about people who choose to carry their pregnancies to term than those who choose to have an abortion? Help #ExposeFakeClincis by calling and reviewing a CPC or by simply upvoting this accurate review! Visit exposefakeclinics.com for guidelines.


LPJL Daily Takedown – August 28th, 2017

Fight! For Your Rights! To Pa– Oh, To Literally Everything 

Skill Set—Ilyse Hogue, the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, talks about the negotiating skills needed in the fight for gender equality to mark Women’s Equality Day. NARAL is the oldest abortion rights organization in the US, with over a million members. You don’t lead an organization that size without knowing the dynamics of negotiation. More important is a realization that you’re doing it for a principle and ultimately, for people. Thanks, Ilyse! 


Sex- Selective Abortions? Let’s Get Real About That Tired Old Chestnut  

Select few: Let’s cut through the crap about sex-selective abortion bans! They’re based on outdated data and racist assumptions. There’s a narrative out there that Asian Americans have a “son preference,” based on a 2008 study that used stats that are 20 years old now. More recent research shows little or no evidence of any such thing. Yet over half of the states have considered bills banning sex-selection, and 10 states have recently passed laws against sex-selection abortions. These bans spread a false and racist narrative—and could lead to medical professionals profiling Asian women if they’re worried about complying with the laws. And they’re just a part of the overall effort to chip away at abortion rights using any lie or misconception available. Choice means not having that choice questioned with racist assumptions. 


Like Trump On Twitter, These AK Laws Are Being Blocked and Need to Stay That Way

The Razorback’s Edge: ARKANSAS is an example of a state that just passed a “sex selection” law. That law, along with three other new restrictions, have been put on hold by a federal court. Now Arkansas is appealing that hold. Beside the “sex selection ban, the laws include a ban on the safest and most common method of second trimester abortion, a law requiring law enforcement (!) to be informed if a girl under 17 has an abortion, and a law allowing fathers and family members to weigh in on the disposal of fetal remains! The laws are a truly ugly bunch of repro restrictions. It’s a vivid reminder that once these twisted laws get put into effect, it requires constant legal and PR battles to fight them.  


Politicians are Defunding Planned Parenthood and F*cking Over the People of South Carolina 

Wiping out the footprints: SOUTH CAROLINA has joined the repressive march to sacrifice women’s health services to a mania for defunding anyone who has ever had anything to do with abortion services. SC Governor Henry McMaster issued an executive order that prohibits state or local funds going to “any physician or professional medical practice affiliated with an abortion clinic and operating concurrently with — and in the same physical, geographic location or footprint as – an abortion clinic.” Gee, is it OK if they once appeared in the same phone book as an abortion clinic? This is obviously aimed at Planned Parenthood, and it endangers the thousands of South Carolina women who depend on PP for birth control, cancer screenings, and other care. Oh, and anyone who shares their “footprint.”


Kentucky’s Terrifying Anti-Choice Infestation

Inside Job: The head of the utterly bat-shit anti-choice group Operation Save America, Rusty Thomas, boasts that they have connections “working within the state government” of KENTUCKY. That’s not surprising, considering that the Kentucky government is just as bat-shit over abortion rights. But they also seem to have ties to Matt Trewhella, who we told you about last week. This theocratic nutcase says women who have abortions should be charged with murder, and that local officials need to defy laws that conflict with their religious beliefs—like laws that decriminalize no-fault divorce, adultery, and homosexual acts. Rusty Thomas said that a Kentucky “congressman” who he didn’t identify, ordered thousands of copies of Trewhella’s book. We already know the book is a big favorite of KY Governor Matt Bevin. It’s no wonder that people “within the state government” of Kentucky are working with these radicals. The nuts don’t fall far from the tree. 



The extreme anti-choice group, Abolish Human Abortion, is posting awful, offensive photos on the Google Maps review pages for clinics. Could you flag these images on the Planned Parenthood of Wilmington, North Carolina page and DM @calloutfakeclinics on instagram if you see this happen other pages? You know what they say: it takes a village to shut down BULLSHIT.

LPJL Daily Takedown – August 25th, 2017

Weekend Plans : Support Abortion Access-N-Chill

Independents’ Days! Now is the time to do what you can to help your local (or closest!) independent abortion clinic. Independent clinics provide 60 percent of the abortion care in this country, including performing 60 percent of the procedures. But in the last 5 years, TRAP laws and other restrictive legislation, along with financial pressures, have forced the closure of about a third of independent clinics—almost 150 of them across the country. And they’re vital to second-trimester care. Independent clinics account for 76 percent of abortion care after 16 weeks, and virtually all of it after 19 weeks. Reach out to your elected representatives to let them know you value these clinics. And reach out to the clinics themselves to ask about volunteering, fundraising, or just raising awareness. Abortion rights are all about independence! Read and share ACN’s report, and show your support for a local indy clinic on social media using the hashtag #IndiesProvide  


Guy Thinks People Who’ve Had Abortions Should Be Tried for Homicide and That Somehow Might Not Be the Scariest Thing He’s Said

Operation Save America ayatollah named Matt Trewhella. Matt believes that women who have abortions should be tried as murderers. And he believes that prosecutors have a duty to defy the Supreme Court in order to do it. This Wisconsin “pastor” also claims, read threatens, that women who have abortions should be punished outside of the existing legal and judicial system. Matt calls this the “Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.” Society in general calls it a theocratic lynch mob mentality. And this horror show has friends in high places—KENTUCKY Governor Matt Bevin praises Trewhella’s book. And of course our President said that women who have abortions should get “some form of punishment.” 


FAKE abortion Clinic Moves Next Door to REAL Abortion Clinic What Could Go Wrong…

The frauds next door! In Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA, a FAKE “Crisis Pregnancy Center” is opening next door to a REAL clinic, where they can cause maximum confusion and pain. Hand of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center is giving the finger to A Preferred Women’s Health Center. The property isn’t zoned for the FAKE CPC to do ultrasounds there, but Hand of Hope is pressuring the city to rezone. In the meantime, they’ll perform their ultrasounds at a location a few doors down, and the property next to the clinic will presumably be used mostly for lying and shaming. If we can’t keep them out of our neighborhoods, at least we can let people know what frauds these places are. #ExposeFakeClinics. 


Black Suffragists Matter

In 2017, white women won the right to vote in New York state and history often celebrates these kinds of events, often whitewashing, literally, all the sheroes in the suffrage struggle.

Yesterday, LPJL squad wanted to make sure the amazing black women who fought for women’s suffrage were honored, so we joined the reenactment of a suffrage march organized by suffragist pioneer Mary Groot Manson, that took place in East Hampton, NY in 1913. But to recognize the contributions of African-American women who fought and kept fighting, we marked this anniversary marching for them, wearing sashes with the names of the leaders of the movement to enfranchise Black women. Read more about these incredible women in yesterday’s Daily Takedown, and keep showing up



Business Sense! Why doesn’t corporate America stand up for women’s reproductive rights?

As this op-ed in the Dallas News by professor and OB-GYN Dr. Daniel Grossman so rightly points out, corporations stood up forcefully when President Trump failed to denounce the white supremacists in Charlottesville. And they also spoke out against transgender bathroom bills in Texas and other states. Yet when it comes to reproductive rights, corporations keep their considerable clout on the sidelines. Texas has passed a tsunami of laws restricting abortion in the past few years, with nary a peep from major business interests. Not a single Fortune 500 exec signed a friend of the court brief from business leaders to the Supreme Court in the landmark Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstadt case challenging Texas’s HB2. They have nothing to lose. The vast majority of Americans support abortion rights. American business needs to stand up for the rights of its employees and customers!


From the ANTIS



Look Who’s Failing

FAIL…NOT! Anti-choice propaganda outlets want to spread the lie that our campaign to EXPOSE FAKE CLINICS is “FAILING.” If it truly is, then you think they’d devote a lot less ink and bandwidth in attacking it! The TRUTH is that our movement to expose the phony Crisis Pregnancy Centers is for the first time finally pushing back on the hate and the deception that these places spew. And it’s deliciously ironic, considering that (as we reported earlier) this BIG FAIL of the week are the evangelical scammers in the Heidi group who just got their funding yanked by the state of Texas for FAILING to deliver on their promise to replace Planned Parenthood. The idea that the movement to #ExposeFakeClinics is “failing” is a lie. And that only makes sense since the whole concept being these fraudulent clinics to lie and deceive. Why wouldn’t they employ the same tactics in defending their lies? 



Yesterday we piled ourselves into a van and drove out to expose AAA Pregnancy Options in Long Island, which is a fake clinic that lies to vulnerable women and shames people trying to access abortion care.

We dressed up in our best 1917 fashion (hats and sashes included!) to support the 100th anniversary of (WHITE) Women’s Suffrage in New York State  AND to say that we will NOT go back to those times when women had no reproductive freedom. We held signs, marched and chanted on the sidewalk, exposing them for what they really are; liars who don’t believe in science. The workers peered out through their windows and called the police on us. When the cops showed up, he told us that the workers from inside said one of us was inside the building; um…NOT TRUE. Another lie added onto their tab of bullshit.  

The only person from the fake clinic to come out and talk to us was the leaf-blower, who continued to tell us that 90% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion; UM…that’s TWO lies now. As we walked down the street to leave, 4 more cop cars pulled up. We definitely put the CPC workers on high alert. I wonder why? Maybe because they know they’re being deceptive, and being called out on it was something they did not expect. You can plan your own protest at a CPC, go to exposefakeclinics.com to find out how! Go TEAM!- Watch it on FB LIVE #ExposeFakeClinics