LPJL Daily Takedown – August 18th, 2017

The (Inaccurate) Facts of (Pro) Life

If anti-choice lawmakers really cared about women’s mental health, they’d stop passing insane laws. These theocratic dicks try to justify laws like mandatory waiting periods and forced counselling sessions with lies about how abortion puts women at higher rise for mental health problems. The real problem? IT DOESN’T. Yes, the decision to end a pregnancy can be emotional and each person’s abortion  experience is deeply personal. —so is the decision to continue a pregnancy. But all of their bullshit about the psychological devastation supposedly caused by abortion is based on faulty and substandard studies—and many that set out with an agenda. Reputable scientific studies repeatedly show that abortion poses no greater risk for mental health problems than giving birth. It’s the lying that drives people crazy! 


Liar, Liar, Pleated Khakis on Fire, NV Sen. Dean Heller

LIES FROM HELLER! Embattled NEVADA Senator Dean Heller is spreading lies about Planned Parenthood and abortion providers in order to shore up support among the anti-choice lunatic fringe. Rewire has listed three of Heller’s most hellish: He claims tax dollars go to abortion, he says that Planned Parenthood is using taxpayer dollars on campaign ads against politicians like himself, and he repeats the favorite lie that if Planned Parenthood is defunded, there’s a whole network of community health centers out there ready and able to take up the slack. THE FACTS: PP spends ZERO taxpayer money on abortion services OR politicking—and if Heller takes away the money they use to provide other vitally needed healthcare services, thousands of Nevadan women will needlessly suffer.


Reading Between the Lines: Rep. Stacey Newman Isn’t Here for Anti-Choice Dem’s Sh*t

If MISSOURI state Rep. Stacey Newman gets her way, Missouri will never be a gateway for anti-choice Democrats become party candidates. Disturbed by statements from some Democratic Party leaders that support for abortion rights shouldn’t be a “litmus test” for Dem candidates, Newman has sent a petition to the state party headquarters demanding that the party not support those who don’t believe in choice. In a good sign, Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Webber said “Democratic candidates are welcome to their personal views on abortion, but the Missouri Democratic Party will never advocate that they use an elected office to limit or take away a woman’s ability to make her own reproductive health decisions — including the right to a safe, legal abortion.” Missouri Republicans have shown they’re happy to accept any chicken-choking nutcase out there as long they’re anti-abortion cray-cray. So anti-choice geeks have a place to go. 


Oh Sh*t, LifeNews and Kathy Ireland Schooled Us 

It’s not good sign when you have your scientific arguments being made by former super models. It’s a worse sign when you use things they said 10 years ago. But anti-choice propagandists have trotted out the scientific musings of ex-Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue superstar Kathy Ireland, so let’s take a look at her theories.

“What I learned is at the moment of conception, a new life comes into being, the DNA, the genetic blueprint is there, the sex is determined, the blood type is determined, the unique set of fingerprints is there.”

AKA, when sperm meets egg. WHICH IS NOT PREGNANCY. Plus- MOST speed egg unions do NOT result in an actual pregnancy—in fact, perhaps fewer than 1 in 4. And the egg-layer is never even aware of most of those. So much for giving your fertilized egg its own Facebook page.

“Well, we are clumps of cells and that unborn human being does not look like a baby, the same way a baby does not look like a teenager, does not look like a senior.”

There are some radical differences between these various “clumps of cells” that Ms. Ireland enumerates. That’s why teenagers can get drivers’ licenses and blastocysts cannot—although we’re sure that Texas has a law pending that would allow them to.

Ireland says, “According to the Law of Biogenesis, all life comes from pre-existing life and each species reproduces after its own kind. Therefore, human beings can only reproduce other human beings, so it doesn’t start out as one species and suddenly become a human being.”

  1. The “Law of Biogenesis” is a completely hijacked observation by Louis Pasteur that basically says a bag of meat doesn’t just “turn into” maggots. It’s been taken and twisted by holy rollers for decades to “disprove” evolution. Ironically, now Kathy Ireland has evolved it into something even crazier. 



New Yankee Candle Scent- “Deceiving Pregnant People”

Flunking the Smell Test: An anti-abortion group in Ireland is recommending that Crisis Pregnancy Centers (yes, those lying shits are everywhere) light “baby scented candles” in their waiting areas. (OK, the candle smells like baby POWDER. Actual baby scents may be too earthy for this purpose.) Brilliant! Now they can add “Olfactory manipulation” to their list of underhanded tactics. You know, in case the lies and intimidation don’t do the trick.

LPJL Daily Takedown – August 17th, 2017

 Money Ain’t a Thang (Except It Super Is if you need an Abortion)

Travel Expenses: Being forced to travel for an abortion costs both the patient and the state where they live, big time. A new study shows that women who travel over 100 miles for an abortion are twice as likely to go to an emergency room for follow-up care—even if it’s not an emergency situation. And emergency room care is much more expensive than visiting a clinic… a clinic which doesn’t exist… because it was shut down by anti-abortion laws… forcing the patient to travel in the first place. So you get the idea. And the study took place in California, which has no major abortion restrictions and 500 clinics. Texas has fewer than 20 clinics, mostly because they have some of the worst abortion restrictions in the country. And according to this study, they likely have a LOT of very unnecessary emergency room costs. 


This Is What Denying Abortion For Rape Looks Like, You Assholes.

Here’s a horrific snapshot into the future that anti-choice zealots want to force on us: A 10-year-old girl who was raped by her uncle has given birth in India. Actually, it was a Caesarean birth—and the newborn is underweight—as you might expect when the “mother” is 10 YEARS OLD! India bans abortions after 20 weeks. This poor girl wasn’t examined until 32 weeks, no doubt because she had no idea what pregnancy was. Here’s another tidbit—worldwide, complications due to pregnancy are the LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH among adolescents under 15 years old! There’s a reason for “exceptions due to rape or incest,” but too often the puritan fucks who pass restrictive abortion laws just don’t care. This is where that leads. 

Small Victory in Battle to Literally not get Screamed at by Extremists on Megaphones all Day

The Sound and the Furious: Anti-abortion lunatics may have to give up their stranglehold on amplified megaphones outside of clinics. The city of Charlotte, North Carolina is changing the process for giving out amplified sound permits—the permits they use to blast sermons, threats, and insults at Charlotte’s busiest clinic. The permits used to be given out by email application on a first-come, first-serve basis, and anti-choice groups used an automated system to flood the city’s website with applications. They ended up getting the amplification permit almost all of the time. The new system uses a web-based form to prevent the automated deluge. Now clinic supporters can keep the amplification permit out of the hands of the screamers more often. And patients and clinic workers will be spared the amplified threats, at least some of the time. 


Withhold me back, ya’ll – Arkansas now withholding medicaid payment from PP

Slashed by Razorbacks: A federal appeals court just ruled that Arkansas can stop making Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood. They struck down a district court ruling that blocked the state from withholding the money. It all goes back to a decision by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to deny PP money in the wake of those doctored and illegally-made videos that spread lies about Planned Parenthood. So now thousands of Arkansans are going to be denied health services like cancer screenings, STD testing, and prenatal and postnatal care. Incidentally, Arkansas has a license plate program that raises money for fake “Crisis Pregnancy Centers.” So welcome to Arkansas—where health care providers are denied funds and money is given to con artists! Go Hogs! 


Missouri is Our Crystal Ball Into the Anti-Abortion Movement and We Can’t Un-see It

The Future Looks Missour-able. MISSOURI leads the way—if you want to go downhill, backwards, or to shit. Missouri is where other states look to when trying to figure out new ways to restrict repro rights. Now that Missouri’s special session Abortion Rights Bash-a-Thon is over, let’s assess the damage! An attempt by the sane city of St. Louis to prevent discrimination against people for their reproductive choices was negated. The state will now require doctors—not just nurses or assistants—to counsel those seeking abortions. (That means the doctors at Missouri’s one remaining clinic have to counsel everyone in Missouri who wants abortion care.) Clinics now need a “complication plan” for medical abortions—basically a TRAP law specifically designed to make such abortion MORE complicated. Oh, and the state attorney general will now prosecute all abortion law violations, in case those big-city St. Louis prosecutors aren’t tough enough! Let’s hope people who care about abortion rights are paying attention to what Missouri is doing—because states like Kentucky and Texas sure are. 



“Bloody money making machines”

Brian Fisher wants us to BRING IT! The anti-abortion, anti-woman, anti-gay former head of the American Family Association (a certified HATE GROUP!) is currently part of the so-called “Human Coalition Network.” They’re the people behind phony “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” across the country, including the deceivingly-named Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic. We at LPJL, along with our friends at Sister Song and Reproaction, have chosen to spotlight the Atlanta CPC as part of our #ExposeFakeClinics action. And Brian says “Bring on the protests!” We will, Brian—along with the truth, and the exposure, and the righteous anger of the people you’ve spent your life keeping down.

LPJL Daily Takedown – August 16th, 2017

HM, how bout we DON’T trust anyone’s personal identifying information to David Daleiden, yea?

David Daleiden is the dick whose so-called “Center for Medical Progress” used illegally obtained and doctored videos to spread lies about Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue research is baaaaack.

And before he invades your uterus again, he’d like to rifle through your personal information, thankyouverymuch. Yep, his latest stunt is trying to intimidate hundreds of researchers and employees at the University of Washington’s Birth Defects Research Laboratory by using public-records requests to obtain personal information on them. Employees sued to have their personal info redacted from any records that Daleiden obtains. A judge issued a temporary injunction against releasing the personal information, but now an appeals court has sent it back to the judge as too broad. Here’s hoping these people aren’t exposed to the threats and harassment that are stock-in-trade for anti-choice zealots.


For-profit companies put on their best Church outfit to screw women over. 

Unholy Rollers: Suddenly businesses with “moral objections” to birth control are coming out of the woodwork—and into your uterus! Thanks to the whining of anti-abortion types, the Affordable Care Act allows religious employers to deny their employees the otherwise mandatory Obamacare birth control coverage. So what’s that—a few non-profits, some nunneries, and those assholes at Hobby Lobby? WRONG! 24 of the 45 companies that have asked for the religious exemption are FOR PROFIT enterprises. And paying for your IUD eats into their profits! So does, oh USING YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE, FOR EVERY OTHER HEALTH NEED.

Ugh. The very foundation of Repro rights was created to get access to birth control—and this religious exemption shit undermines both! The problem begins with the bat-crap religious exemption in the first place. Once religious-affiliated employers were allowed into your vagina, they opened your floodgates to everybody!  


Christmas in August?! No co-pay for BC and abortion in every stocking in Oregon

GO BEAVERS! Governor Kate Brown of OREGON just signed this country’s most progressive reproductive health care policy. Get this, Oregon—the Reproductive Health Equity Act mandates that insurers cover birth control and abortion care with no co-pay, provides post-partum care for low-income women, and provides funds for reproductive care for noncitizens excluded from Medicaid. And it does it at a time when the Trump administration is trying to roll back access to abortion and birth control, and states like Texas are going hog wild with anti-abortion legislative lunacy. So thanks more than ever, Oregon! What’s the old saying—every time a Texas closes, an Oregon opens up? Something like that. 


 Take a picture, hopefully the assault on abortion won’t last longer

And just how closed is TEXAS? It’s in fucking lock-down. Even though the horrific House Bill 2 was overturned by the Supreme Court, during the time it was in effect half of the abortion clinics in Texas were forced to close—and reopening any is a daunting task. That’s why women who need abortion care routinely have to travel up to 150 miles on a bus—a four hour trip—to get the care they need. And thanks to Texas’s 24-hour waiting period, they have to do it more than once. This photo essay includes the story of one such woman, along with other people on both sides. It ain’t a pretty picture. 


Most f*cked up Crest commercial ever: Texas politicians sign cruel ‘rape insurance law’ while smiling ear to ear

But here’s the ugliest picture you’re going to see in a while—straight from deep in the heart of Texas. It’s three old white guys, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, with big old skull-fuck grins to celebrate the passage of an anti-abortion law so extreme it’s being called the “Rape Insurance” law. HB 214 bans insurance companies from covering abortion care, even in cases of rape, incest, or fetal abnormalities. Women will be forced to try and find separate abortion coverage. Do YOU have plans for what to do after rape or incest? In Texas, you need them! And there are 10 other states with this same law. What this bill does is to stigmatize abortion care while traumatizing victims—another Texas Two-fer


School of Junk Science Enrolling Soon in CA

The people who brought you the junk science of so-called “abortion pill reversal” have some junk accreditation to back it up. Abortion reversal refers to an unproved method of “reversing” a medication abortion after the first pill of the two-pill process has already been taken. The medical establishment rejects the phony science behind these claims. But anti-choice fraudsters Heartbeat International and National Institutes of Family and Life Advocates are trumpeting that they got “the blessing” of the California Board of Registered Nursing for their classes on this abortion reversal garbage. In truth, the CBRN does not approve class material. It does approve nursing continuing-education providers. And that involves a 6-page application which relies on the education providers to make sure the class material obeys rules that the material be “related to the scientific knowledge and/or technical skills required for the practice of nursing…” Gee, I wonder how strictly they vetted their own propaganda? 



Thanks to the online reproductive rights #resistance squad (psst: THAT’S YOU! 😃), Molly’s review of this fake clinic in North Carolina went from having only 2 misleading Google reviews to a growing number of FACTUAL reviews and upvotes! U(terus) can make a difference! #ExposeFakeClinics so people all over the country get the facts when searching for abortion care. Now let’s help the folks in Rochester by upvoting Rashe’s review (or calling writing an accurate review of your own!)

LPJL Daily Takedown – August 15th, 2017

The War of the Uteri

Choice means YOUR choice! This great Buzzfeed article from Australia explores the nightmare world of reproductive coercion—when someone else is controlling if and when you get pregnant or have a child. And that someone else can be anyone from a rapist to your elected representatives. Often it’s a partner—and if they’re using force to control your reproductive choices that makes them by definition an abusive partner. Women who are caught up in that cycle need help to escape it—whether that means guaranteeing their physical safety from an attacker or abuser, or fighting back against lawmakers who would deny reproductive autonomy to all women. 


Now (Or Ever) Is Not the Time to Waiver on Abortion

You don’t gain ground by losing your principles. Democrats need to stand firm in defending abortion rights if they want to succeed with voters, was the message from Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards after the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said that abortion shouldn’t be a “litmus test” for Democratic candidates. First of all, Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of abortion rights. Perhaps more importantly, any wavering or capitulation on a core principle like reproductive rights could demoralize die-hard voters while failing to bring aboard any young or new voters. This new wave of American activists will be more impressed by a party that stresses principles, not pandering! 


Put Your Thing Down, Flip It, CAN’T REVERSE IT

What’s done is done—but that doesn’t stop the charlatan anti-abortion crusaders from telling people it can be undone. So once more, into the bullshit breach—THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT CLAIMS THAT MEDICATION ABORTIONS CAN BE REVERSED. It all comes from a San Diego quack who says massive amounts of progesterone can stop a medical abortion if given after the first pill in the process is taken and before the second pill. So-called tests were so loosely administered that there’s no proof the first pill was even taken. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, not only disavows the technique, they say high doses of progesterone can be dangerous. But that makes no difference to the frauds who are pushing this lie just to promote their other lies about “abortion regret.” Somebody tell these losers that it’s over. Just ask ARIZONA… 


Arizona- Show Me The Money

You see, those lies about “reversible” abortion come with a high price tag. ARIZONA has been ordered to pay over $600,000 in legal fees and other costs to Planned Parenthood. It’s money that PP spent fighting a law that required abortion providers to tell patients that medical abortions are reversible. That is NOT backed by science. What IS reversible is the money PP had to spend countering those lies. And that’s backed by a U.S. District Court Judge. The law mandating the lies has been repealed. But part of the reason for these ridiculous laws is to deplete the resources of abortion providers in expensive battles to fight them, so this ruling is almost as important as the overturning of the law in the first place. 


Sorry Not Sorry Nazis, Planned Parenthood is Not the Same Fucking Thing

Big White Lies! It’s Propaganda 101, ironically enough—if you don’t have any rational arguments, just call your opponents white supremacists. That’s what the anti-choice pseudo-intellectuals at The Federalist are trying to do to Planned Parenthood. It’s not easy to draw parallels between an organization devoted to women’s health and one devoted to bringing back the Third Reich, so we won’t try to unravel the twisted logic. Suffice it to say that once you start yelling “Nazis” at people, you’ve pretty much run out of persuasive arguments for denying women control of their bodies. But thanks to The Federalist for engaging in debate. We look forward to your Satanic Cult argument. 



Exposing in the ATL

More press from the badass #ExposeFakeClinics protest at Netroots Nation spearheaded by the incredible organizations Sister Song and ReproAction! Read, share, and keep calling out CPCs!

Move those thumbs! Help Molly call out this FAKE CLINIC in North Carolina by upvoting her google review, or call a CPC like Smoky Mountain Pregnancy Care Center and write an accurate review of your own! If you’re reading this on a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop (and if you’re not, OMG HOW?!), you’ve got the whole world wide web in your hands. Visit exposefakeclinics.com for more info and guidelines.

LPJL Daily Takedown – August 14th, 2017

All the Single Abortion Clinics

This is a reminder- Seven states have only one abortion clinic. ONE! The states are KENTUCKY, MISSISSIPPI, MISSOURI, NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, WEST VIRGINIA, and WYOMING. And it’s only a matter of time until one of them has no abortion provider at all. We’re at this point because clinics in those states and in many others are constantly being harassed with TRAP-law style restrictions and medically unnecessary rules designed so that they can’t comply and end up getting shut down. Abortion is a constitutional right. And denying people access to a right is denying them that right. Remember, when we say a “state” only has one clinic, what we’re saying is that thousands of people are being denied their rights.


Your Monday Morning Texas BS

If it’s Monday morning, TEXAS lawmakers must be fucking with abortion rights somehow. Today it’s a bill sent to the governor’s desk (and sure to be signed and soon!) that restricts private insurance carriers’ coverage for abortion. And NO SURPRISE at all, there are NO exceptions for rape and incest. The bill makes Texans purchase extra insurance to cover abortion other than in a medical emergencies. So head on down to your local abortion insurance office, folks! The shits who voted for this bill say they don’t want Texas policyholders to be sullied by sharing an insurance pool that would have the gall to cover abortion services. Stay crazy, Texas legislators—we’ll check back in tomorrow.


 Shout (A Little Bit Softer Now)

Shouts are out. The screaming nut cases outside of abortion clinics in MAINE, at least, aren’t going to be screaming as loud for a while. A federal judge ruled that cops can enforce Maine’s noise ordinance against the knot of nuts who regularly hurl anger and insults at Portland’s Planned Parenthood clinic. The court said that the anti-noise rule is enforceable because it’s message neutral—so threats and hate weren’t singled out! Authorities invoked the law when disruptions outside the clinic became so loud that they interfered with the ability of the clinic to provide care. The decision may still be appealed, but for now the shouters have to keep it to a low roar. 



 When Your Neighbors Are The Worst

There goes the neighborhood. What happens when a CPC moves in next to a real clinic? CPC’s are those fake Crisis Pregnancy Centers that lie to women about their abortion options and about abortion in general. Our Expose Fake Clinics program is designed to call them out for their lies and misinformation. You don’t have to go far to find one, especially if you’re a REAL women’s clinic. CPC’s love to leech onto areas where real clinics are to maximize the confusion. And there are FIVE fake clinics for every real one! A CPC moved into the same complex as a provider in Hartford, CONNECTICUT. Patients trying to visit the clinic suffer constant attempts to misroute them to the fake clinic, are fed lies about abortion, and are shamed and harassed.  Despite congressional reports that show that 87 percent of CPC’s give out false and misleading information, they still receive millions in funding from state and local governments. Help fight back and Expose Fake Clinics  like they did at Netroots Nation This weekend! 

Stop. Giving. Fake. Clinics. Our. Tax. Dollars.

was the message heard loud and clear in the Peachtree state this weekend! Pro-choice protestors took on a fake CPC in Atlanta, GEORGIA—one that’s receiving tax dollars from unsuspecting Georgians. Sister Song, and Reproaction organized a massive protest during the Netroots Nation conference that had hundreds of activists targeting the so-called Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic, which has nothing to do with “care” and seeks only to lie to women. While Netroots and others were giving them some well-deserved shit, the state of Georgia was giving $3 million to an organization that funds these lie factories. Life Resources of Georgia, who describe themselves as a “pro-life Christian organization” just got a massive infusion of tax dollars from the Georgia Department of Public Health—money they’ll spend to lie and deceive the people of Georgia by funding fake clinics like the one in Atlanta. And it’s not just Georgia. At least 14 states fund these liars. STOP TAXPAYER FUNDING OF LIES! EXPOSE FAKE CLINICS.  

LPJL Daily Takedown – August 4th, 2017

Anti-Choice Democrats Are Going Extinct

DINO-SORE LOSERS: They say that anti-choice Democrats are going extinct—victims of political environment change. The environment is healthier without them. Today there are only two Dems in the Congressional “Pro-Life” Caucus. In the 90’s there were over 100 anti-abortion Democrats. Is that a problem? In the 90’s there were Southern Blue Dog Democrats hostile to civil rights, and Dems from around the country with conservative social agendas. What good is having Democratic members of Congress if they’re not going to fight for core Democratic principles? Some Dem party leaders say Democrats shouldn’t have a litmus test on abortion. But Dems shouldn’t support candidates who don’t support what the Party stands for. The Democratic Party should operate a big tent. But there’s still no reason to let these clowns in. 


Mad. As. Hell.

FEMALE ANGER MANAGEMENT: Are you angry? GREAT! Author and activist Laurie Penny tells you how to make it work for you in this great Teen Vogue article. We live in a world where female anger is taboo—and women are constantly worried about “coming across as too angry.” There is no such thing as “too angry”—BITCHES GET SHIT DONE, to paraphrase Tina Fey. If being told that expressing anger is “unladylike,” or having men imply that your feelings are the result of hormones and blood coming from your “whatever,” makes you livid, then get your livid ON! As Penny says “It’s all right to feel angry. It’s all right to feel anything, in fact.” Using your anger to motivate yourself and others and to focus and reinforce your energies is productive and healthy. “Anger can be a tool as well as a weapon,” Penny says. Check it out. Life can be a bitch—if you’re doing it right. 


Slidin’ Into the Weekend With Some Good News

NORTHERN HIGHLIGHTS: There’s been an outbreak of common sense in ALASKA. The state’s medical board has agreed to drop restrictive regulations on abortions after the first trimester. No longer will doctors be required to call in another doctor before performing an abortion after the first 13 weeks. And they’ll no longer need to have blood and an operating room “appropriately staffed and equipped for major surgery” be “immediately available.” Those kinds of regulations are favorite ways for states to make access more difficult. And when a woman from Alaska has to travel out of state for abortion services, it’s an even worse burden because of the distances. Now an Alaskan can almost see reproductive rights from their house!   


Go Home Texas Politicians, You’re The Worst.

MORE RATTLESNAKE STEW IN TEXAS: The Fuck-With-Abortion-Rights special session of the TEXAS legislature keeps happening in all the worst ways. Now the House has passed a bill that adds mountains of red tape for a minor seeking an abortion. The doctor has to document how the minor received permission—if a judicial bypass was used, who helped her in the process, and how. If parental consent was obtained, the doctor has to report where! Doctors have to report if there was time to get parental consent in the case of an emergency abortion on a minor. And doctors performing a 3rd trimester abortion due to fetal abnormalities have to identify the abnormalities to the state of Texas! These requirements put patients at risk, not to mention the risk to the doctor/patient relationship and to reproductive rights. Anyone hoping that Texas lawmakers would run out of bad ideas will be sorely disappointed. 




ALL FAKED UP: YES, BITCHES! Our #ExposeFakeClinics campaign is getting results. The haters we targeted are feeling the heat—and the EXPOSURE. And of course, their reaction is MORE HATE! Republican National Committee “Rising Star” and anti-choice spider Alison Howard Cetofante, writing in The Federalist, has responded to our takedown of the fake “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that deceive women and girls seeking information about their options. CPC’s pose as real clinics to pressure women into not looking at all their choices. Alison calls us “the rather crudely named Lady Parts Justice League,” which makes us regret not using the name Fuck Shit Cunt Squad. And she doesn’t like the fact that we call ourselves a “coven.” That could result in some very nasty spells! The rest of what she says is the usual toxic brew of misinformation and outright lies that are the stock-in-trade of the evil illusionists behind CPC’s. But thanks for the ink, Alison. And the rest of you, check out ExposeFakeClinics.com to see how you can annoy Alison and her ilk. #TeamFuckShitCuntSquad

LPJL Daily Takedown – August 3rd, 2017

When Resisting is Your Full Time Job

WORKING FOR A CAUSE: Much thanks to Glamour for a beautiful article on the beautiful people who devote so much of their lives to helping others at clinics—in this case a Planned Parenthood location. It’s the same story that’s told hundreds of different ways in independent clinics and Planned Parenthood facilities alike, all over the country. The care they give their patients and each other is truly inspiring. Maybe you don’t live through all of the struggles that these people do, or get to experience their camaraderie and support, but you can help to ease their struggles and to be a part of that support by doing something for the staffers at a clinic near you. It can be as simple as writing a thank you note. As they say in the article “our whole ethos is, We’re in this together.” 


The GOP Should Get Elite Daily News Alerts

TRUTH ABOUT CONSEQUENCES: Nut-job lawmakers who pass laws that restrict access to abortion love to say that they’re doing it for the sake of women’s health. The facts say something else. A study from the Center for Reproductive rights shows that the states with most restrictions on abortions have worse records when it comes to women’s health. The report says “Women denied abortion care are at increased risk of experiencing poverty, physical health impairments, and intimate partner violence.” Supportive policies lead to lower poverty rates and better health and safety for mothers and children. Of course, this was a scientific study, and the whole point was that these abortion restrictions fly in the face of science… not to mention common sense. 


 Netflix and Destigmatize Abortion

CHANNELING CHANGE: Reality TV may be an oxymoron, but TV does reflect—and influence—real life. And that includes abortion, or at least it has included abortion for the past 55 years, since 1962 when the topic was first mentioned on TV in a show called The Defenders. Our Shero Gretchen Sissel from The University of California San Francisco’s Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health research group, has created a database that tracks every time abortion was portrayed or discussed in American TV and movies, . Out in the real world, we’re working to destigmatize abortion everywhere, including in all forms of media. We need to point out when storylines even inadvertently reference conservative myths about abortion. Then both TV and reality will be better places. 


States Willing to Punish Women for Some Things Also Super Into Punishing Women for Other Things

DRINK CHOICES: Patriarchy much? Surprise, surprise—those laws regulating pregnant women’s alcohol consumption are really all about the “regulating women” part. A new study (AGAIN with the science!) concludes that states that punish pregnant women who drink alcohol more harshly also have more abortion restrictions. The number of states that have policies punishing pregnant women who consume alcohol went from just one in 1974 to 43 by 2013. And the laws are getting harsher, especially in states like Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wisconsin that severely restrict abortion access. In short—it’s more about reducing reproductive autonomy than it is about reducing fetal harm.


 “Controversy” is a Kardashian Scandal, This TN Judge’s Action Were Straight Up F*cked

FLAWED JUDGMENT: We told you about TENNESSEE Judge Sam Benningfield, who concocted a program to reduce jail sentences for inmates who agreed to undergoing birth control implants or vasectomies. That just REEKED of the eugenics movement of the early 20th century that tried to exercise control over who could have children.  We’re glad to say that the program has been rescinded before any procedures could be performed. Anti-choice freaks like to tie Planned Parenthood founder and birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger to eugenics, although Sanger opposed state control of reproductive choices. Well, this judge tried to impose them from the bench—IN 2017! It’s no coincidence that this plot was hatched in a state like Tennessee that severely restricts abortion rights. Choice means being able to choose to have children OR not to. And in either case, it’s up to the individual—not to Tennessee or any of its judges!



United AF! It’s no surprise that pro-choice organizations are working together to fight anti-choice legislation from the grassroots up. Check out this badass article that features our hacktivist #ExposeFakeClinics allies, The Abortion Access Hackathon, and talks about the incredible work being done by the National Abortion Federation, the National Network of Abortion Funds, and clinic escorts who are literally on the ground fighting for abortion access every day.