LPJL’s Cycle of Giving Reason #11

What better way to hold mainstream politicians and pundits responsible for creating domestic terrorists than a Love Actually parody? Check out the full video here. A $500 donation pays for a camera operator, so when news breaks, we can call the bullshit when we see...

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LPJL’s Cycle of Giving Reason #10

Lady Parts Justice League shuts down bullies in any way they can. When LPJL visited Raleigh, they learned that harassers were gathering in front of this abortion clinic fence. They decided to #ClapBack at the hate by painting a sign that says "PRAY TO END SIDEWALK...

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LPJL’s Cycle of Giving: Reason #9

Lady Parts Justice League is a non-profit organization that spends countless hours fundraising in order to sustain itself. BUST Magazine's Craftacular is December 10th and 11th, and LPJL is making and selling crafts as a means of fundraising. A $200 donation pays for...

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LPJL’s Cycle of Giving: Reason #8

Lady Parts Justice League made the video "Kentucky Burden Sampling" in May 2016 to expose Kentucky's restrictions on reproductive rights and abortion access and as a way to encourage people to vote in their local elections. Watch the full video here.  A $250 donation...

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About the League

Lady Parts Justice League is a coven of hilarious badass feminists who use humor and pop culture to expose the haters fighting against reproductive rights. We believe if there is not laughter, dancing and sexy time in your revolution, you need to fix that.

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5 Reasons To Join The Lady Parts Justice League

  1. Because you wanna incorporate fighting for reproductive rights into your daily life– laughing & drinking while doing it.
  2. Because you want to work towards shattering the stigma surrounding abortion and remind people that access to abortion puts women in control of their own bodies and destinies.
  3. Because you believe the best reason to have an abortion is that YOU have decided to have an abortion.
  4. Because you want to join us in supporting and celebrating abortion clinic workers and doctors–because they deserve to be championed.
  5. Because you want to commit to speaking out against haters and extremists who can’t seem to understand that women are autonomous and capable of making medical decisions on their own.