An Outbreak In Kansas

This hasn’t been the best week for the leaders in the Sunflower State. It appears there’s an epidemic of foot-in-mouth disease sweeping across the heartland. The first case was documented on Wednesday when Kansas State Solicitor General Stephen McCallister cited arguably the worst Supreme Court decision ever —  Dred Scott v. Sandford, which notably denied … Continued

Flying F**ks

The same people who want to occupy your uterus also want to be all up in your face. Anyone who has visited a women’s health clinic is familiar with the gore squad of freaks waving posters of what they claim are aborted fetuses. But you can only reach so many people by having your bloody … Continued

Lords Vs Lady Parts

It’s a debate! The House of Lords are fightin’ this Friday. It’s going down. I’m yelling timber! The House of Lords be Lordin’! (I can’t stop – it feels so Masterpiece Theater meets WWE.) I like to imagine them as having a huge sword battle or something equally Lordlike; perhaps a group of men walking … Continued


  1. Because you wanna incorporate fighting for reproductive rights into your daily life– laughing & drinking while doing it.
  2. Because you want to work towards shattering the stigma surrounding abortion and remind people that access to abortion puts women in control of their own bodies and destinies.
  3. Because you believe the best reason to have an abortion is that YOU have decided to have an abortion.
  4. Because you want to join us in supporting and celebrating abortion clinic workers and doctors–because they deserve to be championed.
  5. Because you want to commit to speaking out against haters and extremists who can’t seem to understand that women are autonomous and capable of making medical decisions on their own.

Lady Parts Justice League Members In DC

















Members of Lady Parts Justice League on the ground in our Capitol fighting for women’s reproductive rights.