Heels on Wheels

Lies our parents told us: In the old days, when kids asked where babies come from–and you didn’t want to get into the whole deal about motile sperm surrounding a giant egg like so many Starfighters going after the Death Star–parents would tell their kids that “the stork” brought babies. That made a little sense … Continued

What A Friggin’ Luxury!

Illinois has become the third state (after Connecticut and New York) to stop charging sales tax on feminine hygiene products. Last week Rep Gov Bruce Rauner signed the bill that will take effect January 1st; so as of the new year when you go to the pharmacy to purchase your lady problem cleaner uppers, you won’t … Continued

Long Day’s Journey Into Rights

YAAASSSSS, Irish women! Wanna know what’ll happen if we allow anti-abortion doucheflaps to drag various US states into a retro swirlie of misoggy?  CHECK. IT. OUT. Two mighty Irish women live-tweeted a 48-hour ROADTRIP (under the Twitter handle @TwoWomenTravel) from Ireland–where abortion is BANNED–to the United Kingdom so that one of them could have an … Continued


  1. Because you wanna incorporate fighting for reproductive rights into your daily life– laughing & drinking while doing it.
  2. Because you want to work towards shattering the stigma surrounding abortion and remind people that access to abortion puts women in control of their own bodies and destinies.
  3. Because you believe the best reason to have an abortion is that YOU have decided to have an abortion.
  4. Because you want to join us in supporting and celebrating abortion clinic workers and doctors–because they deserve to be championed.
  5. Because you want to commit to speaking out against haters and extremists who can’t seem to understand that women are autonomous and capable of making medical decisions on their own.

Lady Parts Justice League Members In DC

















Members of Lady Parts Justice League on the ground in our Capitol fighting for women’s reproductive rights.